Dec 18, 2015

A chapter ends, a chapter begins : reflections on blogging

I'm reflecting about the future of blogging, 

as I become sentimental with the closing 

of the By Invitation Only international group of bloggers. 

Read it here.

May 11, 2015

Project Update : Dichotomy of Contrasts Apartment

One of the gorgeous projects I have been working on lately 

is an Apartment renovation for a very stylish client. 

I dubbed it the "Dichotomy of Contrasts" project 

because it is all about contrast of texture, colour,

and luxe versus familiar materials. 

It's now almost finished, 

so here are some images of how it is looking so far. 

Apr 25, 2015

What does a Building need to be, to create a Fabulous Hotel where you don't want to go home?

I recently stayed at the much applauded new Hotel Hotel

in Canberra,

and was surprised to discover

it made me feel like 

I never wanted to leave.

So what is it about a Hotel 

that makes you want to stay longer?

Could it be the building itself?

Apr 15, 2015

Is Ethical Luxury the New Black?

Made in Chicago, this bamboo fibre glamorous dress by Stix and Roses is typical of the new trend for Ethical Luxury.

Pondering about the growing trend for 

locally made, animal friendly, high quality material products 

around the world,

and whether, as Tom Ford suggested, 

that Ethical Luxury is the future in 

clothing, footwear, home wares, cosmetics, and food.

Apr 9, 2015

The latest Garden Trends from MIFGS 2015 :: colour, looseness, flow....

The return of informality, colour & a more Naturalistic planting style

were welcome observations at the recent

Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show,

held each Autumn in a glorious park in the city.

Of course, my camera was kept busy,

as there were lots of lovely gardens to admire....

Mar 11, 2015

Flowers : how a humble little thing can provide inspiration....

These very first blooms of Autumn on a hedge in a street in Melbourne 

got me thinking about the importance of the seasons in 

creating Fabulous Buildings.

Feb 28, 2015

The importance of natural daylight : would you love to live here?

One of the most important elements in a beautiful home

is the inclusion of natural daylight,

especially if it is used in a way to draw in light but not heat.

I have been hunting for inspiration of how best to achieve this

for one of my current projects,

where the clients are mad for natural daylight,

and I discovered this house along the way.

Come and have a look to see what you think,

and then tell me how important natural sunlight is in your own home...

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