Feb 19, 2014

Contemporary lines, richly detailed finishes :: Would you Love to Live Here?

Materials of intrinsic richness,
colours which evoke sumptuousness,
a mix of generous and cosy spaces…

This is a home of much sophisticated and elegance,
and as it is freshly on the market here in Melbourne,
let's have a little gander to see if it tickles your fancy…

And we may as well start at the beginning,
for as was noted in the Sound of Music,
the beginning is a Very Good Place to Start.

The simplicity of the in situ concrete path
creates a simple contrast with the ridged lines of the zinc facade.

A swimming pool becomes one of a series of geometrical patterns
which arrest the eye…
…as well, of course, as a place to actually get wet…

The rich colours befit the local climate of Melbourne,
where dark colours are embraced with a passion. 

The home has been designed by McBride Charles Ryan,
a firm which is not afraid of colour or texture.

And the garden is the work of the talented Rick Eckersley,
whose layering of colour and texture is more akin
to painting in a medium of plants,
rather than gardening, per se.

It's a home waiting for the new owners to make it their own
with their furniture and treasured items,
allowing the richness of the materials of the architecture
to form that simple backdrop of a stage set…
Just waiting for the play to begin.

Would you love to live here?

property location :: 15 wynnstay rd prahran melbourne
details here


  1. Just fantasy checked...SOLD!...oh well..wasn't meant to be ;)

  2. pretty nice blog, following :)


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