Feb 15, 2013

Rescue Me Please :: I'm 1950s with porthole windows :: What would you do?

This rather interesting little triple fronted, cream brick 1950s home is up for auction tomorrow.
And though I rather suspect the bulldozers will be called in, sadly,
it would be lovely to think that it will be rescued and reimagined for a new age. 

It got my attention because of the fabulous wrought iron staircase,
twisting and twirling in a voluptuous fashion.

I'm just itching to get my paws on that! 
New paint, new flooring, new artwork, new lighting all required,
but it's rather sculptural don't you think?

And those 9 porthole windows (from the front elevation in the top photo)
pop in to say hello in the dining room. 
Oh that is fun! 

A concrete parapet between the ground and upper floors picks up those nice horizontal lines.
And I think I spy a cocktail terrace - do you see it?

So, if this were your little baby, 
what you do to it to add glamour and oomph,
to make it a fabulous home?

location :: 7 page st kew melbourne


  1. whaooo! beautiful and elegant house ,


  2. Keep it exactly on the outside. Everyone does a full refurb but it is amazing with its lines, just new kitchen bathroom and that's it.

  3. Art Moderne - look at a darker paint to pick out the lines of the features on the outside maybe?

    Furniture a mix of Charles Rennie Mackintosh and Bauhaus influences.

    And against my personal preferences, a formal garden, but using herbs, espaliered fruit trees and some pencil pines (for strong verticals).

    1. Sounds very elegant - and dramatic - it would be beautiful.

  4. I think it's stunning, I'd buy it and hire you to sort it out.

  5. First, I'd call you in as the designer and second, quite likely, I'd have the overwrought iron stair rail replaced with something less twirly-whirly and more classical. I would not request period glamour and neither would I like a flood of " 'ere to 'ere " (to quote a fellow country woman of yours) despite the wooden floors looking so awful. In fact, the floors, potentially, are the most interesting part of a beautiful house.

  6. Looks fabulous! What fantastic possibilities! I would love to get my hands on it.

  7. Oh my gosh, I love this house! Yep, I too would keep the outside as it is. And the renovation might have more than a hint of "Mon Uncle" in it! Please tell me that you know this movie...by heart...

    The house seems to have good energy non? It makes me sad to think it will be torn down...


  8. Do let us know what happens! The stairway is gorgeous.

  9. i love it!!!
    how could they knock it down???
    ....the put up a McMansion. TRAGIC!!


  10. New landscaping....grass wallpaper on walls ....new lighting...remove stair carpeting..seagrass runners....roll with it..DON'T mow it down. All that white is cold.....

  11. This is a stunner. Horrible to think it might be bull-dozed. Immediately I would start on the outside, taking away all the curves and replacing with rectangular forms, asymmetrical, very structured. So much could be done with the inside to give it personality plus - gorgeous floor rugs, art etc, and colour accents. You need a wealthy benefactor to buy it for you to do up!!! Keep us posted on this one.


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