Feb 25, 2013

Delicious Double Doors :: that's always a celebratory front entrance...

These welcoming double entry doors are by the French architecture + interior design firm
d. mesure and they perfectly illustrate how a pair of doors adds a welcoming generosity.
Whenever I design a new home, 
it's nearly always my instinct to work a pair of doors into the entry.
They add so much ambience - becoming a gesture of benevolence - 
so that a visitor feels welcome before the door is even opened.

And if you love symmetry, as a lot of people do,
then double doors, like these ones in a house recently on the market in Malvern East, Melbourne,
can add a delightful sense of balance to that important threshold
between outside and in, between public and private space.

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  1. Stunning front doors - and the lights either side of the first one play no small part in the impact.

    The much smaller double doors opening straight into rooms, such as those Georgian houses and homesteads, are so inviting. They always strike me as so much more tactile than a single solid door.

    Beautiful images, thank you!

    1. Yes, aren't the ligths quite fabulous? Deliciously over-scaled to further enhance the generosity of the doors. Interesting point about the Georgian doors opening straight into rooms - have always loved that too, and I get very excited when I can work them into contemporary designs - same principle, different treatment, but the welcoming and charming effect is the same. x

  2. I love double doors... these are beauties... xv

    1. Why does that not surprise me Vicki??? x

  3. Usually I prefer asymmetrical approach and allow symmetry only to some extend but double doors are a happy exclusion. I admire them for the same reasons you've mentioned Virginia. Welcoming for sure. And the first image is a stylistic perfection. Love the harmony of colors.

  4. Beautiful - double doors lend an importance to the home.

    Have a great week

    Helen xx


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