Nov 27, 2012

The first kiss as husband and wife....a wedding in a vineyard: that's romantic!

Is there anything as romantic as that first magical kiss after wedding vows 
have been emotionally and shyly said?
And is there ever a dry eye amongst the women
(and often, it has to be confessed, amongst the men too)
at such a tender moment?

For in that one exquisite gesture,
all the hopes and all the wishes for a beautiful adventure are gently entwined.
I often wonder whether, if I stumbled upon the wrong wedding by accident,
and therefore did not know the bride and groom,
would I still feel as soppily romantic?
Is it the gesture itself which brings out our softest side?
But that is a test for another day,
because this is the wedding of my darling nephew 
and his truly beautiful, right through to the heart, bride,
who married a couple of weekends ago in a tiny rambling vineyard in the Adelaide Hills.

Vintage cars, golden sunshine, country air, gum trees, birds singing, gorgeous gowns:
all against the rustic backdrop of the corrugated iron winery shed behind.
It's picture perfect.

But it's the looks on the bridesmaids' faces which I adore most.
They are so focussed on their tasks, of making sure the bride is beautiful,
that none of them realises how beautiful a sight they are themselves,
in carrying out such a task.

And as the bride is kissed goodbye for the last time by her father,
it is the look on the groom's face which melts my heart.
Not so long ago, as a young boy,
he used to add colourful squiggles to my building drawings,
and take apart the architectural models so that his toy cars could fit in them,
mostly the day before they were due to be handed in,
to helpfully add a bit more "colour".
And here he stands, all grown up, utterly in love, 
and ready to embark on that grand adventure of marriage.

Elegantly attired guests happily chatted in the soft spring sunshine of a golden afternoon,
sipping bubbles amongst the vineyards, munching on wood-fired pizzas and delectable ice creams,
and dancing until the wispy light of the evening to a seriously good band with sultry jazz tones.
It was the perfect setting, the perfect weather, and all so very charming. 

But for this little black duck,
always the hopeless romantic,
it was that magical first kiss which we had come to celebrate,
which was the star moment of the day.
 And just for the record, when I looked around after I snapped this photo,
this was nary a dry eye in the vineyard.

images :: blue fruit


  1. I completely agree with you, such a romantic moment. My beautiful nephew is due to be married in the Hunter Valley Vineyards next year and I can't wait. I hope the day is as beautiful as this wedding obviously was. All the best to the young couple with their whole life ahead of them xT

  2. What a lovely wedding for a beautiful couple!! Their love shines through...wishing them many years of happiness...



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