Nov 15, 2012

Such cleverness: a hanging lemon tree...

Isn't this one of the most fun ideas? 
A living lemon tree, the roots carefully wrapped in a moss ball,
suspended rather more as sculpture than as horticulture.
It's by the imaginative Jenna Spence,
who makes and sells other fabulous hanging plants too through her store Mister Moss in Melbourne. 

Absolutely love Jenna's Christmas trees,
also wrapped in a moss ball and then bound with string.
I have been pondering what sort of a tree to have this year, 
and think this may be quite the ticket. 

Now I cannot grow Kangaroo Paws for love nor money.
(Think I smother them with love, kindness or maybe just water. 
It always ends tragically. For the Kangaroo Paws.)
But maybe, this version may work. Even for me.

Apparently you just dunk them in water once a week and they are good to go.

The lemon tree is in her own home, 
and you can see more, and discover more about Jenna on the inimitable Design Files here

images lemon tree: design files  // christmas tree + kangaroo paw: mr moss


  1. Hello Virginia:
    This is certainly a new take on both gardening and sculpture and is, as you say, great fun. Watering might prove a bit of a chore - all those drips afterwards.

    We are leaving shortly for a watery and wet Venice and will be 'off air' for a while. However, we shall catch up on our return.

    1. Good gracious, I hope you are taking wetsuits with you! That or very tall wellingtons. Enjoy, as I have no doubt you will, to the max! xx

  2. I love it when someone combines nature with something artistic! What a fun idea! Love the hanging lemon tree!

    Have a good day, Virginia!


  3. Fabulous decorative ideas and I love the lemon tree. A perfect shot with yellow framing. The idea of a hanging small Christmas tree is very appealing and fun. Thank you Virginia for introducing Jenna.


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