Nov 16, 2012

R.O.Y.G.B.I.V.: all the colours of the rainbow in flowers from the garden

Do you remember the old acronym R.O.Y.G.B.I.V.,
an easy way to remember the correct order of the colours of the rainbow?
Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Indidgo, Violet.
Well, I thought it would be fun to see if I could find flowers in each colour
growing in my garden at the same time.
So, I present, for your colourful pleasure, all the colours of the rainbow in flowers from my garden.
Starting with the happy, bright, gorgeous azalea: batting for the red team.

Orange is represented with the saffron coloured stamens of this Chinese Lantern flower.
(Ok, that's a bit of a stretch on the orange.
Promise the rest are more the actual petal colours...)

Yellow flowers on this Pigface ground cover,
which you already know is one of my favourite all time, highly under-rated plants.

Green Sedum flowers,
which are terrific as a cut flower too.
Quite dramatic.

Blue Forget me nots.
Oh so delicate.
How could we forget them?
These ones self seed all over the garden - I never know where they will pop up next.
But they don't take over, they just mind their own little business.

Indigo flowers on the Russian Salvia.
I love this happy little fellow - it flowers almost the whole year round, 
and has the most elegant grey toned foliage.

And lastly, to round out the end of the rainbow, 
we have Violet, represented by the Avonview lavender
which is currently flowering like mad.

And it's wonderful to see the little Australian native bees out in full force on the lavender.
As bees are in rapid decline around the world,
I take so much joy in knowing there is plenty for them to eat in my garden. 
These little native ones are very friendly and I have never been stung. 

So there is a whole rainbow of colour,
all in flowers.

Isn't that a beautiful illustration of the old acronym?

images :: blue fruit, taken in my spring garden


  1. Ou know I had never heard that until this year, I wish someone had told me!

  2. I never knew that either - but then again I'm danish:-)
    GORGEOUS shots Virginia, we have oranges and naked trees, cold feet, and grey skies. And hot chocolate of course ♥
    Happy weekend

    1. well hot chocolate makes everything fabulous, in my book Anya!! xx

  3. Ooh, I love that Russian Salvia, very dramatic colour combination x

  4. I love your photos - so lovely. I'm with paisleysummer, the Russian Salvia is beautiful. xx

  5. How gorgeous! And how funny you should talk about the rainbow. I have just this morning ordered individual melamine cups in 6/7 colours of the rainbow, for picnicking at the pizza oven!! Thought they would be a great way to keep children knowing which was their own cup during the day!! Beautiful lavender - must get some. Rx


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