Nov 8, 2012

Just Something Gorgeous :: the utter femininity of Alannah Hill

If there's a girl who knows how to make a girl feel girly, 
it would have to be Alannah Hill. 
Delicate fabrics, generous bias cuts, textured details, embroidered lace and lashings of wit,
these new pieces from the "last girl standing" collection for 2012/13 summer
capture the very essence of femininity.

I love the tongue in cheek names for the collections.
Such fun...

The fabric alone is simple joy in its love of life and exuberance.

I think this dress would definitely create a "come back" effect. 
Quite stunning! 
It's fabulous that this is a brand which continues to grow,
proving that glamour is always in fashion.

images : alannah hill 


  1. Love the come back dress too, off to check her out, I haven't heard the name before.

  2. Hello Virginia:
    We do so agree. But equally we love the setting in which most of these images have been shot!

  3. Virginia it's lovely to see these classic, feminine designs returning, I have never heard the name either but I think her designs are gorgeous so will also be googling!

    I have also been meaning to ask you what you think of your sigma wide angle lens as I am hoping Santa will bring me one for Christmas.


    1. Hi Dash - yes, I do like the lens. I was so excited when I first got it, because I could finally take shots of small rooms. It does tend to blur out the edges, so I am experimenting with it more, and think I will really love it when I get to understand it better. xx

  4. I love the print on that frock! x

  5. Gorgeous, the lot of it! Makes me want to change out of my yoga pants and put on a dress!


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