Nov 19, 2012

Fabulous Front Entrances :: the wrought iron arch...

While it's out of current flavour,
(fashion being such a fickle thing)
I have always loved an arch doorway,
especially when used as a front entrance.
These gorgeous entry arches are clad with festively-ornate wrought iron doors,
marking the ceremonial entrance to the porch.
It creates that delightful in-between space,
neither in the garden nor in the house,
but a delicious transition between the two.

And while this custom dates from an earlier time,
being used as a screening device,
it's still a clever way to provide security while appearing welcoming, 
as well as a rather charming celebration of the entrance.

Where you live,
are these sorts of wrought-iron screened entry porches still used?

images :: 1: property for sale at 12 lansell rd, toorak, melbourne
2: wrought iron inspired gown 
3: property for sale at 76 clendon rd, toorak, melbourne


  1. Looks like Italy!
    All very welcoming and chic.
    It all starts at the doorway.

  2. In an older part of my city, some people have wrought iron gates. I've always loved the look of them.

  3. I think arched doors and windows look gorgeous.
    I've seen this idea used in some modern houses for security purposes and they can look a bit ugly. But when done well, like the examples above, I think it's a really great idea! x

  4. I love that second house, Virginia. So cozy and welcoming yet elegant...

  5. I think the examples you have shown here are great. I don't have wrought iron in my arches, but my home has 3 arches in the brick work over the front porch and one arch inside leading into the lounge room. I've had friends remove the arches in their interiors, as they thought it was do daggy and dated. But I don't really mind mine so much - I think it adds character. Well, maybe it will be considered 'character' one day when they are back in fashion : )

  6. Mel@Georgica Pond20/11/12 4:05 PM

    Amazing how the worlds of design collide in everything from gates to dresses and everything in between.


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