Nov 16, 2012

Clicked On :: an Edwardian Villa with a Modern Graft...

When faced with adding an extension to an older character home, 
one can replicate the style which is in the original, 
or one can have a bit of fun creating a contrast between old and new.
In this house at Malvern,
BKK Architects opted for the latter, 
calling the project the Clip On House,
deliberately exaggerating the contrast with a parapet roof line & timber cladding. 
It's currently for sale,
so let's have a look at it...

Here's the Edwardian front facade, relatively unchanged...

And here's the extension to the rear,
built in 2008. 
I do rather love that timber lined soffit,
and of course the swing is just begging to be used.

The folded & angled ceiling, together with corner frameless windows,
gives this living room a much bigger sense of space than it actually has. 
It's a thoughtful detail, but a simple one.

The simplicity of the way the materials are detailed actually sits quite happily
with the Edwardian admiration for simplicity, following on after all that Victorian embellishment. 
Of course, this is much further pared back 
than the Edwardian version of simplicity, but in essence, they honour the same elements: 
a love of light, big windows, texture and nature.

All of which means the link to the facade at the front isn't as jolted as it may have been.
It may be "clipped on", but very successfully so, I think.
But what do you think?
Would you like to live here?

property location :: 17 souan st malvern melbourne
real estate images & agents details
additional images :: bkk architects


  1. I love it - a very successful add on in my opinion. And I love the detailing (except the floor, which seems to be a different colour than the original front of the house - I would have chosen a different flooring material to emphasise the difference, rather than just a different colour)

  2. Love the addition very much (except for the carpeted floor in bedroom), especially sliding door in bedroom and frameless corner window are very smart indeed solutions. Old and modern blended perfectly without painful imposing on one another. Just friends.

  3. I love it - the firewood storage system, how the dining room and deck become one, the sliding barn door in the bedroom. I love all of it!


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