Nov 29, 2012

Black Steel Framed Windows : just simple.

Have always had a soft spot for steel frame windows,
especially when painted in matt black,
as used in houses built around the 1930s to 1950s.
Their judicious use,
especially when contrasted with paler elements like these limestone walls,
creates an effect of beautiful simplicity.
It's a rather lovely space in which to catch a little sunshine don't you think?

image :: toorak house


  1. Totally agree. The luxury of simplicity.

  2. I'm putting steel framed windows into my extension - just love them. Actually, I think you could say I'm obsessed with them - I'm prioritising them over other things. xx

  3. They do look stylish against the stone. I must admit I could never go absolute black it would have to be the darkest grey for me ! x

  4. Oh - I had them in my old house! The glass on the doors had small bubbles on them which left rainbows all over the floor. It was a lovely sun room during winter.

  5. I'm looking at these windows for my home in Colorado. Love the look!

  6. Mel@Georgica Pond30/11/12 4:34 PM

    The epitome of chic. Thank you for your lovely comments re Chrissy trees. You are always a font of knowledge on all things style and tradition.


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