Nov 9, 2012

A garden, a paddock, a pool, a view...oh and it comes with a house too!

One of the most heavenly spots in Australia are the gently rolling hills
of the Mornington Peninsula. 
Bound by harbours on each side,
this narrow stretch of land is blessed with rich soils and regular rainfall,
and combined with the gentle maritime climate of mild winters and summers,
it is a veritable treasure trove for farmers, vignerons and gardeners alike.
Until I moved to Melbourne 6 years ago,
I had never set foot on the Peninsula which lies about an hour to the south of the city
- for me it was a world waiting to be discovered.
And now I'm smitten.

Some of our favourite restaurants & cafes are tucked away here.
Ten Minutes by Tractor, for lunches with dear friends,
or Montalto, where we celebrate my birthday with a glorious dinner each year,
in a rammed earth building sitting high amongst the vineyards,
where the food is mostly grown on the property.
Or at at the Red Hill Caterers Cafe,
where these delicious cherry and almond friands are made in summer.
(This photograph was taken last summer, when the cherry season was in full swing.)

So in my perfect world, 
I would own a glorious weekender just like Weemarlar, at Red Hill South,
which is on the market,
waiting for some lucky person to be able to spend their weekends surrounded by such rural beauty.

This property represents the stylish, but casual and understated charm of the peninsula.
It's a place to unwind, to rejuvenate, 
to remember just how good it feels to wake up to birdsong and fresh air.
Of course, there are many parts of the world which share this sense of "rural charm",
the bucolic and idealised version of life in the country.
And to me, at any rate, it is such a glorious antidote for life which sometimes get crazily busy.

So yes, it would be a lot of work, and yes, a lot of maintenance.
But just for a moment, put that aside and ponder,
would you like to live here, on the 7 acres of escapism, as a weekender?

property location :: 165 point leo road, red hill south


  1. I wouldn't want to own it but would love to visit! The decor is surprisingly modern for such a traditional cottage garden, but lovely all the same. xx

    Anna (My Design Ethos)

    1. yes well I think I tend to agree with you Anna. Then somebody else can maintain it, but we could just come to admire and enjoy it! xx

  2. 10 minutes by Tractor make one of my husband's favourite tipples. The Mornington Peninsular is such a beautiful part of the world - we have friends who moved from the inner city down there with their small boys and it's like a paradise in comparison. All that space .....xx

    1. I wonder which it is? The pinot noir? I didn't really fully appreciate pinot until we started exploring the MP wineries - so delicate, yet the flavour keeps developing long after the sip is gone. xx

  3. Well who would not fall in love with such a place? The gardens are beautiful! And there is a pool too. I have never visited Australia, but have always wanted to. It sounds as if I should start in Melbourne and the Peninsula, then? :-) Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  4. Oh yes please, I love rustic style houses that are embedded in nature, this is my dream home.

  5. Nope! Well, maybe yep because I imagine if you could afford to buy it you could also afford a gardener. :) But if I did, I would return the interior to the warm, cozy country house that it wants to be.

  6. I'm sold on the gardens, but would definitely have to hire a black thumb could never maintain this beauty. Happy weekend!!

  7. What a beautiful sight and a beautiful house! Australia is on my list of countries to visit...
    Love your stool chairs !
    Anne (Playing with Scarves)

  8. Yes ma'am!! I would!! I love the Mornington Peninsula too.xx

  9. My husband would love that for the garden and space, and I'd have the house and pool. What a beautiful spot.

  10. That would have been my idyll at one point, but I think I'm past it now! x

  11. It all sounds gorgeous. So nice to have an area like Mornington Peninsula to escape to. Love the sound of the Tractor place. Yum. House is lovely - but would want to live in it, not just for weekends. R

  12. I always wonder why I don't live in Australia Virginia - the place is absolutely amazing.
    Hope you're well my sweets,


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