Nov 23, 2012

A Christmas Tree with Pink Flamingoes? Summer style...

As Christmas approaches, and the days are getting warmer,
with the sky a little bluer and the evenings a little longer,
my thoughts always turn to wonder as Christmas trees appear in Australian shops and homes
with fake snow, fur-wrapped Father Christmas figures, 
icicles and assorted winter wonderland delights. 

All very nice, 
but what on earth has that got to do with summer Christmas?
(And yes, a White Christmas is charming too, having experienced a few
while on the other side of the world.)
But I reckon that wherever one is, 
one should thoroughly enjoy the moment of the present,
(no gift-like pun intended...)
rather than forever wishing to be somewhere else. 
Grass is never as green in the other paddock,
because when one gets there, "there" is now "here" and "here" is now "there."
In an Alice in Wonderland kind of epiphany of wisdom, that is. 

At any rate, I was super duper delighted to happen upon this fabulous Christmas tree,
laden with summer's tropical bounty,
in one of the most fabulous little boutiques in my local village of Mt Eliza. 
It's an upscale recycle boutique,
where gorgeous gowns sit alongside classic skinny jeans in darkest indigo,
and dotted amongst them are colourful wares of giant silver spoons,
striped hammocks and woven basketware. 
I always love walking past Sissy's on my way to the post office,
because I just never know what on earth will turn up in the shop window next.

With nary a reindeer in sight, 
the Christmas decorations are an explosion of imagination, 
summer style. 
Impossibly huge flowers, 
as befits a tropical garden,
wildly-coloured birds from the Amazon jungle and the Australian rainforest,
all gently ordered by the bright lime green frog princes,
resplendent in their royal crowns,
just waiting for that magical kiss.

And looking at all the bright colour,
on a golden day when the cicadas are chirruping away
and the water on the Bay is a turquoise shade of blue,
suddenly it's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas...
summer style.

images :: snapped on my iPhone,
so while dodgy, the colours still dance


  1. Love it! And I couldn't agree more with you about the use of snowmen and snowflakes on our Australian Christmas trees. I banned them on ours, and instead have colourful birds, insects and other things that make me think of a Summer Christmas (cherries, strawberries) and of course a star on top. It looks festive and Christmasy enough to me, even if it does lack snow and icicles. xx

  2. Oh bravo Heidi! Thrilled to bits you wrote this comment to encourage me on my rant, and also to encourage others to adopt the same mentality. Your tree sounds absolutely magical. xx

  3. This is the funniest Christmas tree I've ever seen and one of the most beautiful.
    What an unusual word pairing: Summer Christmas, but of course, As Christmas approaches, and the days are getting warmer... very Alice-in-Wanderlandian combination.

  4. Oh that is great fun and perfect for your side of the world. I have loved pink flamingoes ever since I watched Miami Vice.

  5. Seriously I WANT one now, how fab is this flamingo tree:)
    Happy weekend sweets,

    A beautiful tribute to an Australian Christmas....
    x KL

  7. Loved it . Walked passed and thought how
    stunning it looked .

  8. I walked pass this shop in Mount Eliza on Friday and had to take a photo . Fantastic idea and it looked stunning .

  9. What a wonderful sentiment. Love the one (or season) you're with!


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