Oct 17, 2012

Would you like to live in a Frank Lloyd Wright house???

Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1928,
but not built in his lifetime,
this rather extraordinary adobe house is on the market.

The legendary architect originally designed the Pottery House for a site in Texas,
modifying and tweaking the drawings up until 1942.
At his death, the original commission had lapsed,
so the design became part of his archived estate.

Fast forward to 1983, 
when a developer purchased the design, 
with modifications,
from Taliesin Architects,
to be adapted to a new site in Sante Fe.

It was constructed in 1985,
as the only adobe house which FLW designed.

It's currently for sale for US$4,750,000
through Sotheby's.
What an extraordinary piece of architectural history to own.
Do you think it makes a difference to its integrity that it was built after the architect's lifetime?
Or is the value in the design regardless?
An interesting thought to ponder....

One thing is for certain: the building has the characteristic soft drama 
of Frank Lloyd Wright's design.
And it is a fine tribute to the architect who probably had more influence on domestic design 
than any other before or after.

Would you love to live here?

property location :: pottery house, sante fe, new mexico
more information :: pottery house


  1. Wow, yes please, when can I move in?

  2. Fantastic house I've never seen before. It wasn't included in any book of many I have about FLW architecture. And I've been to Oak Park near Chicago where his home and studio was (now open to the public). You're absolutely right Virginia his influence on domestic design is pivotal.
    And this Pottery House designed in 1928 still looks futuristic.

    I don't think it makes a difference to its integrity that it was built after the architect's lifetime. Look at Sagrada Familia still under construction almost a hundred years after a genius architect is gone but it is and always will be Gaudi's masterpiece. The value in design is regardless. It's not a painting or sculpture which can't exist without Master's touch. Architecture is actually like a book, it can be reprinted, but a great novel still be unique and attributed to a great writer.

  3. It's really interesting and without being an FLW aficionado, the curves seem quite different. I don't think the fact that it wasn't built in his lifetime, diminishes it's importance, just makes it more unique x

  4. Sorry Tabs, it's mine!! ;) I am curious though Virginia, were the modifications made to the original drawing "important" or not? Is it still really a FLW house because it was modified???

  5. The answer would be...yes! Love the design inside and out, perfection! As far as being built after the designers life ended, it does not detract from the original idea and creation, perhaps he would have tweaked some things differently during the building of it but as you say this is a tribute and a successful one.

  6. I love his designs. My niece's and her husband make trips through the US every year looking at his houses. Mostly the occupants have been very generous letting them in to look around but there have been a few incidents were it has not been pleasant! My favourite FLW design always has been, and I think always will be, Falling Waters - as much for the surroundings as the dwelling. I could live there in the blink of an eye. I could live at Pottery House too but were it not for the 4 and 3/4 mill. :>)

  7. I love the house but .... you would have to have the right furniture .

  8. It's a gorgeous and elegant home. Were FLW alive at the time this was going to be built however, he would not have "allowed" a great majority of the furniture to be placed in the house. He was fanatical about interior furnishes that were of his design and made specifically for that particular home. Having said that, I love this house and kudos to everyone involved - it's a fantastic place and in today's world it will be interesting to see if the history of the house helps get the asking price.

    In our paper today an article on FLW archived papers was mentioned. Apparently the Trust has opted to move everything from Arizona to New York where historians will have more accessibility to his written work and drawings. The houses in Arizona are more remote, it's true but then again it's where he wanted them and there are pros and cons to taking away the historical verbiage that accompanies this great man's work.

  9. YEP I'd live here for sure Virginia, hope you are well and enjoying spring :) we are loving the warm autumn - happy weekend sweets,


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