Oct 30, 2012

Shades of Berry & Plum with an Edwardian Twist :: would you like to live here?

With all the floral flourishes of the Art Nouveau style,
this very charming Edwardian house mixes contemporary elements in a manner which embodies
the spirit of the original architecture,
but which injects it with a punch of energy.
See what you think...

Delightful to see a table actually in the kitchen,
rather than adjacent.
Because there is something incredibly comforting about chatting
around the kitchen table.

So it's floral, but in a darkly moody way,
and it mixes the old and the new together,
whereupon each enhances the other, 
just like Saipua's floral arrangements.

Would you like to live here?

property location :: 4 albany crescent, surrey hills, melbourne
all floral images :: saipua


  1. Love the flower photos (funnily enough!) - the house, though, not so much. Graet to see all styles though. helps you pick out which style suits and which doesn't. Have a great day! R

    1. H Rachel, I'm thinking this house may be a little too traditional & heavy/dark for you? Really interesting feedback, thank you. And oh yes, the flowers, are truly brilliant...she has a real talent. xx

  2. I like that they kept the old Axminster.

  3. Oh yes, I can see myself there (plus dogs). Not so sure about the heating bills though. Lovely and cool in summer but those high ceilings in winter? Mmmm, maybe not. Interesting that it is not typical Federation and does use the Art Nouveau elements inside.

  4. I could barely get past the flower photos to look at the house! :) And interestingly, a year ago I would have been all for it but you are sloooowly but surely pulling me over to the modern side--who would have thought?!

  5. It's always slightly disturbing to see a house that looks "a bit" something. If I owned this house, I would have gone Edwardian (a period I love ) all the way and I would probably have been wrong !... This one looks fresh with just a few touches of the original style ; that's almost certainly the right way to go ...!


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