Oct 11, 2012

Breath-taking beauty of Apple Blossom :: in my garden...

 Every spring, the garden at the front of my house erupts 
in an explosion of white flowers : lillies, freesias, paper daisies, convulvulus, indian hawthorn.
But absolutely nothing compares with the spectacular show put on by the crab apples...

The flowers start as a confection of raspberry-toned buds,
then burst like popcorn, absolutely covering the tree. 

This variety of crab apple is Sugar Tyme,
and I have raved about them before on Glamour Drops,
but these young little trees just get better and better each year. 
Bit like life really...

The silver birch walk is underplanted with creamy white gardenias,
which will flower just in time for Christmas. Heaven! 

So spring has well and truly sprung in the front garden.
And every time we turn into the driveway, coming home,
the glorious profusion of new life is a reminder of just how beautiful nature can be. 

all images by blue fruit


  1. On my goodness! Your garden is BEAUTIFUL!

    I've long been a fan of crab apples and other blossom trees. But to see an entire garden dressed in them is glorious. Love your house too. Looks like a Robin Boyd? And your photographs are also perfect. What macro do you use?

    Better stop gasping now...

    1. Hi Janelle, thank you! I'm still learning the ropes with my new Canon 550 camera - but these were taken with a Sigma 10-20 mm lens and and the close ups with the Canon EFS 18 - 55 mm. I think I need that little EF 50mm 1.8 lens, which everybody raves about - but so far I am pretty stoked with what I have.

      Trust you to love Robin Boyd! It's not by him, but is in that style of post and beam, with masses of north facing windows which he espoused. So perfect for our climate.

      I was fascinated by the name of crab apples as a child. Used to think crabs lived in them. (Yep, I had an active imagination!!) I don't understand why more people don't plant them, because they are glorious all year around. xx

  2. What an amazing garden, I wish I was driving into your drive every night, I've never ever seen a house and garden like this before, I'm transfixed by it.

    1. Hello Tabitha - I guess the climate here makes different styles of gardens possible. While it seems that Melbourne gets almost as much rain as you do in Scotland (well it feels like it sometimes!!) the sunny days are frequent enough to make everything grow so well. David Austin once said that in Australia, when his roses are planted, you have to stand back and out of the way because they grow so large compared with the UK. (Allowing for a tad of exaggeration, of course...).

      But I'm quite chuffed that you are enchanted with it! xx

    2. And heaven help you if there are Alister Clark roses planted - so many had a R. gigantea background, so they grown splendiferously! And bless them, they don't need too much watering- a real bonus in Canberra which can be appallingly dry and hot over summer. I've been totting up my roses in my head - nowhere near as many as I had in my old house (a 1950s cottage, now levelled by a philistine who is building a McMansion on the block). I think my next garden project (now that we have bull terrier proof vegetable gardens) is to start expanding the roses.

      Definitely agreed re the crabapples. Quinces are also beautiful in flower. Our bullmastiff bitch has been doing some (ahem) pruning, so shall need to replace the pomegranate and crabapple that were lately in the back yard....

      Love the cool greens and greys - it must be magic to be in and smell heavenly.

  3. W.O.W! I love your blog but your garden....W.O.W! I adore gardenias and miss having a garden and its scent. Thank you for an amazing peep into perfection! x KL

    1. Oh yes, the luxury of being able to pick the most fabulously scented bouquets of flowers is but one of the charms of having a garden, I agree. Excuse me while I pop out and tell the crab apples they are perfect, on your behalf... xx

  4. I could make a bed in your garden and just go to sleep amongst all that beauty!

    1. What a delicious thought Stacey - a hammock would be a fine thing to add to the garden...! xx

  5. What a divine garden! You have obviously worked very hard to achieve all this. Enjoy, it's gorgeous!Giulia. X

  6. I am beginning to love more and more this "opposite sides of the planet" aspect in that we get to see the whole shebang of beauty, all the time! Of course, that said, how I wish that we were closer... ;)

    I can never get over the beauty of your garden. It must smell wonderful too, non?

    1. oiu, the scent is divine from the little crab apple blossoms. And I am delighted to see that there are plenty of bees enjoying the scent too - which is pleasing as the bee population is now in such sad straits. Only organic sprays in this garden, no nasty chemicals, so they are happy little bees.

      And yes, I agree, half the fun of blogging is this sense of "now" on opposite sides of the planet. But I would love you to be closer too, what fun we should have. xx

  7. What a delight your garden must be! I love how the house, low-slung (as it appears) and discrete, looks completely at home but diffidently so. Beautiful!

    In my world it's morning glories and plumbago.

  8. You garden looks beautiful Virginia. What a wonderful sanctuary to come home to! x

  9. Am taken by the beauty of this garden and the loving, handwork that must go into it - simply elegant and inviting! I "inherited" our gardens as we live in the house (remodeled extensively) that my MIL lived in for almost 40 years. She was the gardener and bless her for leaving a legacy that I can only tend to and preserve in her honor. Yours is definitely a place to envy and love the photos. Thanks for making this Autumn day here in California (with rain and thunder) a bit brighter. MMR

  10. Virginia, I hope you don't mind but I am going to pinch your 'silver birch walk with gardenias' idea because I love both but never thought to put the two together like this.....and as to crab apples, I've seen them flowering here in Albury Wodonga but had no idea what they were....will have to plant one too now and tell the kids not to touch the pink buds or 'a crab will pinch you'!

    Thanks for the inspiration, your garden must give you great joy. Sylvia

  11. wow.....
    i am so happy to have apeek at your home.
    it all sounds like blis.

    speaking of Christmas.........
    i pray we all have happy one.


  12. GORGEOUS!! What a beautiful welcome to your home. Crabapples are so much better than flowering cherries, because you get the bonus of the fruit through autumn as well. Love them. Love seeing your garden. Rachel x


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