Oct 8, 2012

A Fabulous Front Entrance :: welcoming symmetry...but not perfectly so...

Not sure how September truly escaped me, 
but in between dashing off interstate to visit my father, managing some rather wonderful projects,
settling my youngest into a new school and life in general,
there has been nary a moment, in the last few weeks, to post any thoughts on Glamour Drops.

But when I found this beautiful front facade,
belonging to a house for sale in Malvern, 
with its glorious marching sentinels of fence pillars,
I just couldn't resist lingering over the images for a few moments,
because it truly is a Fabulous Front Entrance,
and worthy of reflection.

Delicious symmetry, yet not absolutely so, which is part of why it works so well, I think. 
The windows and doors are perfectly symmetrical, 
yet the off-centre porch, balanced out by the tall Jacaranda tree to the left,
adds another dimension of depth.

 And in the top image, of the front door itself, the rather rambling,
and certainly not identical, 
potted plants stop the symmetry from looking too contrived and too perfect.
The architecture is symmetrical, so the draping, billowing plants provide a contrast.
Imagine, for a minute, if the pots instead held clipped topiary balls of box:
it would be much more formal, less welcoming. 
Still pleasing, but not as charming.

And charm is certainly a big component of a Fabulous Front Entrance.
Do you like it?


  1. well......
    i like it very much.
    it looks as though sweet people would live there.

    thank you for the awesome
    words of encouragement .

  2. I love it.

    I love the variety in the variances of the symmetry.



  3. There you are! Goodness, I was getting ready to prepare the sled dogs. Or dog, which in this case would be Ben. And we both know that it would take a MIGHTY long time to reach you with Ben heading the way...so glad to hear from you! :)

    And what was fun about this post for me was your explanation of why it worked!

  4. I love it!
    Hope things are going well with you, I was looking up cloche hats on the Nordstrom site on Saturday and thought of you! There's at least 4 of them I want to buy! lol

  5. September evaporated on me too! Lovely to have some beautiful homes to look over again thank you - love the tiles on the verandah here and the paving leading up to it. Good lighting makes such a difference too. Annie x.


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