Oct 29, 2012

A Basket of Beauty in the Bathroom... flowers, crystal, perfume...

It always amazes me just how much loveliness fresh flowers can bring to a simple day.
I picked this arrangement on the weekend, 
to fill a 1930s crystal basket vase, found in an antique shop a while ago,
which my cat thinks is actually his water bowl.
(He refuses to drink out of anything other than a vase,
after all, it would just be too predictable to drink from a cat bowl. No, no, no.)

The extraordinary pink pigface is in season again,
and the fun thing about this flower is that, even in a vase, it opens by day and closes by night.
As well as the common white daisy, 
there's also a rosette of Aeonium Zwartkop for some drama,
Indian Hawthorn for a flash of white and lots of cinneria maritime leaves for their silver softness.

Something so deliciously decadent about perfume, 
crystal, scented candles (the pink and gold teacup holds a gardenia perfumed candle from mor cosmetics) and fresh flowers.
It lifts the space from a utilitarian bathroom to a place of beauty. 
No wonder the cat prefers to partake of his aqua nourishment here! 

images :: blue fruit


  1. Very pretty vase and arrangement Virginia.
    My dog prefers to drink from the watering can than her bowl of nice clean water inside! x

    1. glad to know it's not just my pets who are a little contrite then Penny! xx

  2. How beautiful. That glass basket is quite amazing and the whole arrangement looks very romantic and beautiful in your bathroom.

    1. Thank you Melinda, I don't know what it is supposed to be used for, but it makes a jolly good vase. Apparently it's from the 1930s. xx

  3. How nice to open my email and find a lovely basket of flowers! The part about your cat made me smile--a nice way to start my day! Thank you! :)

  4. It seems your animals are as "thinking outside of the box" as their owner! ;)

    This was such a delightful boost of beauty on a day when I am worried about my friends in the States...thank you!

  5. I've had cats who insist that the best water is that left by the shower in the bathroom. And dogs who have decided preferences for WHICH water bucket is to be emptied first. Naturally none of them as desirable as the water in the fish pond.

    Go figure.

    I've a vague memory of my nan having a venetian glass basket - I think they were a general purpose item. Small handsoaps, chocolates, salted nuts - imagination is the limit!


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