Sep 6, 2012

Same Room :: Different Looks :: Nothing subtle here...

If there is any doubt as to the power of styling,
I think these two rooms perfectly illustrate 
how influential it can be in creating atmosphere in an interior. 

Recognise the kitchen at the bottom?
It's from the house featured on my last post.
And the top kitchen?
It's the same room,
as it looked in 2010.

There are horses for courses, and neither is "wrong" or "right", of course,
with each appealing to different people. 
But for me,
the bottom kitchen is the dramatically glamorous one.
It makes me want to be in that space 
and start chopping up lemons for a margarita.

Again, the same room.

Same white walls, French doors, American oak chevron parquetry.
Look carefully: the fireplace is the same too. 
But what totally different spaces.
Simply by having curtains to diffuse the light,
(and therefore adding another layer of texture) 
very contrasting furniture, and of course that glorious bar,
the room in the second image has neatly delivered 
a more dramatic atmosphere.

And this time, it's the identical house next door,
sold recently,
with a totally different style of furnishing & design.
Yet it too, has the same white walls, parquet floor & fireplace.

Rather a fun glimpse isn't it?
Which one do you prefer?


  1. Wow....great research! The power of the different styling is incredible. And I think the photographer's skill of accentuating the new decor can't be underestimated. Off to check out more of #7!
    x KL

    1. oh yes i absolutely agree on the photographer's skills. it makes all the difference. x

  2. I think I prefer the older styling over the new in all cases. The kitchen just looks too white for my taste.

  3. this is just brilliant! so happy i found you via jessie's blog (mix and match!) it's so true...styling can make all the difference in the exact same room. latest follower here!

    1. hello heather and welcome to glamour drops!

  4. Virginia,
    2012 is such a creative year - look at these images, much, much better than 2010.

    The kitchen in the second image is so much lighter than the first one and the 2012 room is so stylish and sophisticated.
    Beautiful post, thanks for sharing.

  5. Hello Virginia:
    It is indeed amazing what a difference an alternative treatment of the same, or similar, room can make. We know of two mirror image flats in Budapest which although to an identical design are totally different in the ways in which they have been decorated and furnished. Most interesting!

  6. Oh my kitchen is crying out for a stylist, what a difference that makes, I love the more glamourous spaces of course.

  7. This is so interesting and fun! Thanks for this great post.

  8. HOw interesting to see the changes and such a dramatic difference - love the 2012 kitchen, but the 2010 living area was perfect for me!!

  9. Hi Virginia. Everybody loves the special issues like AD Before and After. Dramatic transformations from So So to Fantastic are fascinating. Your carefully selected images show all the difference between OK and Remarkable. Same spaces and absolutely different visions. Styling and photo styling plays a big part. Thank you.

  10. Oooh I love these kinds of comparisons!!! What a HUGE difference!!!!!

    And did somebody say "margarita"??

    PS Have I thanked you properly for your wonderful comment chez moi? You are such a wonderful person Virginia, I never tire of saying it!!!

  11. Aww, the power of styling. What a world of difference it makes in these spaces! Quite an enlightening post!XX


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