Sep 20, 2012

If this isn't Glamorous, I don't know what is...

Long satin gowns with a 1930s femininity, 
twirls of feather boas in pale blush,
rambling gardens and faded stone walls...

The simplicity of detail enhances the elegance of these glorious gowns,
in a recent shoot by Brisbane boutique Babushka Ballerina.

Conjuring up delicious dreams of afternoon soireés in overgrown old gardens,
with soft musical notes floating in the air,
can you imagine silver trays of chilled Champagne and the merry laughter of friends
in this setting?

All in the golden light of a soft afternoon...

Truly elegant, and definitely mysteriously beautiful.
A rather lovely way for glamour to be, don't you think?

images & gowns :: babushka ballerina


  1. That surely is glamour!
    I so wish to have a long satin gown...and also an invitation for a gorgeous party!

  2. Hello Virginia:
    This is most certainly glamour. Glamour piled on glamour. But what appeals to us most is the fluidity of these gowns. Extraordinarily beautiful.

  3. Not to be self-centered but this is one of those posts that I can't help but think that you did just for me... ;)

    Gros bisous,

  4. You paint a lovely picture Virginia. An afternoon with music and chilled champagne sounds just the ticket.
    They are very elegant gowns, I think that feathery boa collar would seriously tickle my neck after a few champagnes though!
    I hope all is well in your home x

  5. I want it all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!JUST STUNNING!REALLY..............Pity, people donot dress like this anymore!

  6. There is not one thing in that first photo that I don't love and further photos show more details of the same and I am head over heels! that bracelet! the feathers! the drape of the back of the dress! the bling bow on the shoes! Now, if I only had somewhere to wear that......

  7. amazingly glamorous.
    i how ever couldn't pull it off.
    SHE DOES!!!


  8. Very beautiful gowns and definitely sign me up for the champagne!

    How is your family doing? xx

  9. Such gorgeous gowns, and glamorous indeed!

  10. I absolutely love it - and the lipstick makes it for me - the perfect color:)
    Happy weekend

  11. Looking at these beautiful girl it's obvious these dresses work like skin for her.
    We can feel the glamour, wonderful pics, fabulous dresses.
    Have a nice Friday!

  12. Just beautiful. Some of them remind me of vintage Chanel gowns. Love the hair too.
    Janelle x

  13. I noticed you hadn't posted for a wee while, hope all is well.

    1. Hello Tabitha! Thank you for the kind wondering. Yes, all is well, just insanely busy at the moment, and something had to give way! x


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