Aug 31, 2012

Would you Like to Live Here? :: vertical lines outside / horizontal inside...

Richly-red ironbark over-scaled posts express a very vertical line
at this newly built house at the bayside suburb of Elwood in Melbourne.
Designed by architect Nicholas Wright, 
the verticality injects a dramatic sense of movement to the exterior.

But pop inside, and the timber is now horizontal,
forming a more restful line.

And in those magical spaces in between,
which are neither inside nor outside,
but views of both, 
the lines of verticality + horizontality have been manipulated
to create a delicately balanced tension between the two.

Clever things, these lines, aren't they?

Would you like to live here?

property location :: 20 docker st elwood melbourne
images & agents :: details


  1. Oh yeah I could live there for maybe a year or so,
    looks wonderful really but not really my style so I can't say I can live there forever.

  2. Hello Virginia:
    We find the exterior of this very contemporary house to be most exciting. It is so reassuring to see good examples of modern architecture using quality materials.

  3. I love the timber and the outer wall finish at the front looks interesting. It's probably not quite my thing even though I like some elements x

  4. That is one cool house! And I am always a sucker for the tumble into the lap pool option. :) The views from the interiors remind me a bit of Dar Sabra, a resort in Marrakech that we photographed. Very graphic yet soothing...


  6. I love the timber walls - and the pool. I could live there if I left my boys elsewhere - they would have that pristine space trashed with junk in minutes! and that would be a big shame.

  7. this is a brilliant home, and i love that monolithic timber front fence! have a great weekend darl xx


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