Aug 8, 2012

Lines, Texture, Patterning :: Twin Peaks House :: New Work by JCB

In a nod to the surrounding streetscape,
of late Victorian & Edwardian gabled houses
surrounded by verdant greenery,
this new work in Hawthorn (Melbourne) by Jackson Clements Burrows
explores the playful forms of lines in contemporary architecture,
as a means of "settling into" an older setting.

Externally, the timber-clad parapet facade mimics 
a more traditional gable in its outline.
Internally, a timber lining board ceiling,
 aligned with timber floorboards below,
references the smaller scale of traditional building materials.

Here, there are no sweeps of fibreglass or smooth plasterboard.
Instead, there are closely spaced lines, formed from the timber junctions
and the bond-laid exposed black brick with contrast mortar. 

It creates a home of texture, of warmth and of interest.
A contemporary take on an Edwardian home, really.
Which is how this property started out before the renovation & extension.
(Sadly, I couldn't find any images of the original part of the house.) 

Do you like it?


  1. Oh, I just adore those shutters! What a fabulous design.

  2. I love it Virginia, and I am hugely fond of the way the (is it ivy) grows on the front of the house - FAB.
    Hope you are having a great day sweets, is it spring there yet??

    1. Spring is teasing us Anya! Snowdrops are all flowering like mad, the fruit trees are full of swelling buds of what will be beautiful blossom. And our days lurch from blue sky/ clear sunshine to hail, rain and freezingness. September is more like real spring, while August just teases. xx

  3. Architecture on your side of the world is much more adventurous than it is here. I quite like this but it looks a wee bit spooky to me.

    1. Spooky??? That's interesting. Maybe it's because it was shot in the twilight. Yes, looking at the images again, I see what you mean. And yes, I agree the architecture here is probably a little less constrained - we have so many influences in our country - and the magical open light is probably the largest of them.

  4. I love all of it but can't help but wonder what the neighbors think?

    1. I rather suspect the neighbours adore it actually - based on the type of suburb which Hawthorn is. There is some amazing architecture, with integrity, there. Both old and new. Melbourne is not a conservative city, architecturally. Elegant: yes; conservative: no. It's what I like to think of as "quietly edgy". x

  5. i love it.
    the huge sliding doors!!!
    and is that black reverse painted glass behind the sink in the kitch?


    1. Renée, I got out my magnifying glass, and I think you are right - it is what we call colour back glass, in black. So that's called reverse painted glass in the US? I love how the names change in different countries!

      It's very popular here in kitchens for splashbacks - in fact I think it would be used more than anything else. But tiles are creeping back in - my last half a dozen projects have used tiles or mirror instead of glass. x


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