Aug 31, 2012

hello :: i'm back...

Just popping in to say hello,
and to the many email queries,
yes, I am still here, and life is slowly settling back into ordered chaos,
as distinct from disordered chaos,
which it has been for the last few weeks.

But both father and husband are now doing well,
and my wonderful clients have been so incredibly supportive
and understanding about being utterly neglected,
that I am fairly in awe of just how wonderful the human spirit can be.

And as if to symbolise new beginnings,
this beautiful wattle tree in my front garden
has erupted into the most impossibly golden balls of yellow blossom,
with a sweet scent quite intoxicatingly delicious.

Still to come,
and snuck in just before August tolls his last bells,
giving way to Spring here in Australia,
is the birthstone of the month post for Peridot...
stay tuned....

image :: blue fruit :: blackwood wattle


  1. Glad to hear things are going well Virginia! xx

  2. Hooray!!!!! Ah there are not exclamation points enough to express my happiness about this news. And les mimosas...I will have to wait until next Febuary to smell their sweet blooms...

  3. I was worried - I was hoping there were no relapses and everyone was well - so I am glad to hear that it was just chaos keeping you away and nothing more.

  4. Great news!!! It's so wonderful to have you back at last. All the very best to you and your family Virginia.


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