Aug 9, 2012

Afternoon Tea Baking :: Sour Cream Scones + Rose Tea

One of the delights which we happened upon at Raffles Hotel
was their signature blend of rose tea. 
So I couldn't resist buying a little tin to bring back with us.
And what could be more fitting as an accompaniment 
than freshly made scones?

But alas - no butter in the larder. Eeks!
(I only use one particular brand - Devondale - and it is getting harder 
to find now that Coles are deleting it from their shelves,
replaced with over-salted, full of water, home brand stuff.) 

So with a little adaptation from the classic cream scone recipe,
I whipped up these fluffy versions using sour cream.

And being so much quicker and easier than traditional scones,
but incredibly light,
it's a recipe I will be repeating.

To make them, 
simply mix 3 cups self raising flour, 1/2 cup sour cream,
1/4 cup sugar & 1 cup whole milk together.
I used the magimix - but by hand would work just as well. 
Roll out to about 3 cm thickness,
cut with a scone cutter or glass,
and pack them tightly together on a baking tray.
Pop into a pre-heated 220 degrees C (425 F) oven,
and bake for 10 minutes. 
Serve with generous dollops of strawberry jam
for utter deliciousness.

That was a tasty and pretty diversion on a freezing afternoon
when the sun is trying to shine through the raindrops.
At least the camellias don't mind such weather!

But for now, it's back to work...

images :: blue fruit


  1. Hello Virginia:
    How wonderful to have stayed in Raffles Hotel and what a brilliant idea to bring a taste of such unadulterated luxury back with you in the form of the Rose Tea. And, what a perfect partner the sour cream scones sound to be. Afternoon Tea will surely never be the same again. Delicious!

    1. Hello Jane & Lance - we had Afternoon Tea and then cocktails at Raffles - but we actually stayed at the Goodwood Park Hotel - which was built as the Teutonic Club in 1901, so it was rather grand and glamorous too. (Their afternoon tea was actually way, way superior to the Raffles one because the food was sensational. We found that Raffles was more about the architecture and the atmosphere. On the other hand, their cocktails had to be sipped to be believed - they were quite fabulous. And the rose tea was/is truly delicious, as you say.)

  2. Great looking scones, rose tea is such delight on a warm summer's day, I first tasted it in Morocco, and brought some back with me.

  3. Nothing much beats a good batch of scones with jam and cream! I have to have cream. The rose tea sounds delicious too x

    1. Oh indeed - cream is perfect with the jam - especially the really good stuff. Like the Bulla dollop kind, which we had. mmm. I'm starting to sound like an ad for the dairy industry - but it makes me mad that these little brands are getting swallowed up by the big giants.... xx

  4. They look amazing and your china is so lovely. Maybe I can just join you for tea and scones! Have a great day ~

  5. Such lovely pictures. Tea with scones, cream and jam are just perfect for a cold freezing day. Thanks for sharing your recipe. I will try it.


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