Aug 7, 2012

A Heavenly Stair :: the beauty of Wrought Iron

A beautiful stair is one of the most fun elements of architecture,
I think. 
And just how wonderful is this wrought iron balustraded beauty?
The curling tendrils of iron mimic the sinuous sweep of the staircase itself.

And in utter contrast,
just to play with the eye,
the day bed's angular lines sweep in the opposite direction
to the organic staircase,
highlighting the fabulous lines of each element.

Do you like it?


  1. Beautiful staircase, I adore wrought iron!

  2. Hello Virginia:
    The sweep of the staircase is wonderful, as is the day bed which complements it, but we do not personally care for the wrought iron, always better, in our view, used outside.

    1. Really? How interesting! You two are always full of surprising comments - I love that. It was used quite a lot in Melbourne houses in the later Victorian era - when both cast and wrought iron were all the rage - in fact most houses simply couldn't get enough of it - so I have honestly never thought of it as an exterior element only. You have given me food for thought!!

  3. The daybed is an interesting element, the painting really balances it, I think.
    I love wrought iron anywhere, my dad used to make the odd piece of wrought iron furniture, so I have a sentimental attachment to it! x

    1. I have to squint, but it looks like a beautiful Aboriginal artwork to me - but it is a bit hard to tell. I love it too - and agree it is a wonderful juxtaposition with the day bed. x

  4. You have to love the Hattatts! Yes, they always have the most amazing point of view.

    Personally, I do love it and can imagine doing a Gloria Swanson style slow descent with a cocktail in hand... ;) Here in Provence, wrought iron was used for the stairs in some of the lovely 18th century bastides so it works for me.

    1. Yes, Gloria Swanson would approve I suspect! Only in the 18th century? Now it's getting even more interesting - I can feel some more research coming up!! x

  5. Love it! The whole design is so elegant. The wrought iron is so feminine, not too strong.


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