Jul 31, 2012

That's it :: they're lost then...

You know that sinking feeling when you have lost something?
"It has to be here somewhere," I muttered, 
frantically searching through my luggage for the umpteenth time.
"It's gone. Move on," cajoled my husband.

"You know, if you hadn't taken so many photographs,
you wouldn't have had to change memory cards,
and it now wouldn't be lost," he pointed out. 
Rather logically.

So there we have it.
I took too many photographs of the beautiful Singapore,
had to change memory cards on the last day,
when we spent a magical morning at the glorious Botanic Gardens,
and have absolutely no idea what happened to the first card
with, ahem, over 1000 images on it.

Oh dear. I lugged the new DSLR around for a week,
trying not to look like a tourist
(which is why I left the camera bag at home,
in an attempt at looking casually surreptitious,
under instructions from the family who roll their eyes quite a lot
at my photographic obsessions.)
So the memory card was simply popped in my handbag: big mistake.
But I guess it was good practice at using the new camera?

These helpful little signposts are dotted around the National Orchid Garden,
which is snuggled in the heart of the Botanic Gardens.
Such an organised place!
The orchids bloom in impossible health, 
relishing the hot, humid climate. 
The human visitors from colder climes, perhaps not so much.
But it was nice to bask in the warmth, 
before returning back to the Melbourne winter. 

Stunning entrance gates, made from wrought iron,
form the elegant entrance to the Botanic Gardens.

They are absolutely perfect for their setting - with twirling tendrils 
of tropical leaves and flowers climbing verdantly,
reflecting the generosity of the garden itself. 

I'm still fretting about the loss of images of the 
brand new, quite astonishing 
Gardens by the Bay, 
our Singapore Sling cocktails + afternoon tea at Raffles,
the glamour of the Goodwood Park Hotel where we stayed,
all the riotous colour kaleidoscope of Little India,
and of course the food, the food, the food!
If there were no other reason to visit Singapore, 
the food would be compelling enough.

"We'll have to use our memories instead," philosophised the tweenager.
And he is perfectly right.

Sometimes, it's the wisdom of a 12 year old which brings 
this should-know-better mum back to earth. 
And boy, oh boy, I have learnt a valuable lesson!!
Next time, I'll just look like a tourist and look after the memory card!!


  1. Beautiful orchids! Lovely photos Virginia, glad you enjoyed yourselves even with the memory card going awol. I usually say a quick prayer to St. Anthony when I'm desperately looking for something. Have to catch up on your blog posts!

    1. I'm going to take your advice because I have looked everywhere and it has absolutely vanished!!

  2. Too bad your memory card got lost. Your pictures of the Singapore Botanical gardens are amazing! I agree that prayer to St Anthony will help you find things that are missing. I hope you find your memory card. I am liking your blog.

    1. Hello Pamela. It seems I have been in the dark about St Anthony. Hope he is listening then, and can read blog posts too, perhaps do you think?

  3. Hello Virginia:
    How very, very frustrating for you and not a little annoying! But you have managed, notwithstanding, to capture some wonderful images.

    1. Oh hello you two - nice to see you are back! I have missed your jots of wisdom and care.

  4. Oh I'm so sorry as I know what that feels like. I lose a lot of things; I left my new phone on the plane last Christmas. The photos you have though are breathtaking; so absolutely beautiful. Those entrance gates are amazing. We are visiting Singapore at Christmas time and I cannot wait. I hope you all had a lovely time together Virginia. A little winter warmth is such a treat! Annie x.

    1. And welcome back Annie!! We have SO much in common don't we? John left his dinner suit on a plane once - the pilot came running down the tarmac carrying it (sunshine airport, regional queensland) but it was a very funny sight.

      I hope you love Singapore as much as we did. We normally just spend a few days there passing through to Europe - but this time it was fabulous to get to know the place in much more detail. x

  5. Devastating! I take my laptop and download and delete photos as I go to avoid having to change memory cards.
    I agree,the entrance gates are stunning and it looks so warm and sunny there.
    I'm glad you had a lovely time and I hope the memory card turns up x

    1. I should have done that, it's a much better solution. I was trying to "travel light" but it was just "travel silly" as it turned out!! x

  6. How very tiresome. You'll just have to return and do a re-run. Memory cards are rather itsy bitsy, is there no chance you could have it stashed somewhere, (or am I going to bring up repeats of the angst you have been experiencing?) If you forget about it, it might re-surface. I am a great afficionado of orchids, living as I do in a country that rivals Singapore in this sport, (in an Olympic sense). I probably went to the Botanics as a child - I grew up in Singapore - but I don't recall it. I'm sure it is now as immaculate as the rest of the city. (Immaculate, but a bit sterile, sadly. You can't have both. It's not sterile here, but neither is it immaculate.)

    1. What a marvellous idea - to do a re-run! I like your thinking!

      I am sure that I have indeed stashed it somewhere, which is why I keep pulling everything apart. But you are quite right - I just have to stop thinking about it so that I can remember when I least expect it. It was in a very secure zipped pocket, so it makes no sense that it could have fallen out.

      Bangkok is next on my list of places to visit in Asia - haven't ever been but would adore too. Interestingly, Singapore didn't seem sterile at all. My last visit there (about 10 years ago) felt so, but it seems to have mellowed and changed. Incredibly safe and friendly are the two things which spring to mind.

  7. Hi Virginia, OH man i'd hate that. How annoying:) Hope you had a fab time though, the pictures are amazing. Glad to be back visiting my fav blogs :))

  8. Hi Virginia. Bloody Hell! How disappointing! Reminds me of how we forgot camera chargers in Bali. Eeeek!. Aaaah memories!
    x KL

  9. V,
    it still may turn up.
    i have looked for things and couldn't find them....
    and out of no where they/it turns up.

    i am sorry. i know you must be disappointed.
    the images you do have are fabulous.
    i am in love with the gates!!!


  10. Ah, the columnist beat me to what I had to say: 1) Guess you will just have to go back now, won't you? and 2) Try to not think about it for a few days and it might just suddenly appear (plus hey that prayer couldn't hurt now could it?).

    That said, I think that your family is mighty lucky that this terrible thing happened to you and not to me as I would have lain myself down on the ground and started sobbing profusely on the spot. 1000 photos lost? Of Singapore? Crikey. I am sad for you! But the tweenager is right and I know that you will describe it to us better than any photo could.

    Here is hoping that they turn up, beautiful friend!

    1. Oh Heather I was just about lying on the ground and sobbing. I just can't believe I did something so stupid. Where did I lose it? Did I unpack it and forget where I put it? Did it fall out in the cabin baggage??? The family had to give me a good stern talking to, so that I could move on to other things. They aren't upset in the slightest - which helps a little. But I had so many wonderful images of the architecture (of Raffles and of the Gardens by the Bay especially) that I'm still sniffling about now!!! x

    2. I have lost some important things in my time so will just reply that it could have been much worse! And yes, you do still have your memories. It is just that generous you wanted to share them with all of us!
      Sending a big warm hug,

  11. Oh no, how frustrating, but your images are amazing - can't get over the amazing gates!!

  12. Oh my. I feel for you! Maybe it will turn up in a pocket somewhere? Now.....you have to go back.

  13. HI Virginia - the photos you DO have are just gorgeous. Imagine being able to grow that kind of thing in your garden - outside? Everything looks so pristine. And you know the answer, of course, to losing all those photos - JUST GO BACK!!! Rx

  14. Oh Virginia...I know that feeling. I am having a similar one at the moment. Actually, this happens to me frequently! Sit tight and let you mind to through it...these things have a way of appearing in the most unusual places. Getting the camera geat just right is a challenge. It is hard not looking like a complete tourist..something I try to avoid as well. I am with Rachel....you just may have to go back to Singapore to do it all over again!

    Thanks so much for stopping by...lovely to hear from you.

    Jeanne xx

  15. Oh... how did I miss all of this Tropical goodness????
    I found it in the end!

    Sarah x


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