Jul 17, 2012

Swirled Icecream Staircase :: new work by Caia di Lizio :: Barry St

As if created from swirls of coconut ice-cream,
the white staircase scoops through the interiors 
with a voluptuous movement.
It's part of the Barry Street Residence,
new work from Caia Di Lizio.

The drape of golden curtain is a wonderful contrast of colour, 
yet matches the fluidity of the space.
Circles, angles + interesting shapes are seamlessly folded together.

But there are a lot of other interesting aspects to this house. 
Come take a look...

And at the heart of it all,
is this glorious staircase.
It is like a spine which pulls everything else together.
Quite sculptural, isn't it?



  1. That is a stunning modern Deco home, definitely one to slink around in a bias cut silk dress.

  2. Wow, why can't I have that kind of home???

  3. Just beautiful! Love the walls of tile and that kitchen is so well designed. I enjoyed the peek!

  4. Very curviliscious! Some very interesting features here x

  5. I love the super dark hardwood floors and how they look against white wood!

  6. Wow...never seen such a light fixture as the one in the dining ares...now that's statement lighting!!

  7. Unimaginable! The staircase and floors....ah...
    Very unusual house . I like the sudden pops of color here and there.
    Fantastic design.

  8. Hi, Virginia!
    houses like that explain architecture by its perfects lines, absolutely wonderful, and ode to design.
    That sculptural staircase is the star here.
    Please, go to my blog, I have a n award to you.
    Have a nice Tuesday.

  9. Oh another gorgeous post! I love this house. I particularly love the pool with its elegant paving, although it would be difficult to put a deckchair on it! The turquoise powder room reminds me of the powder rooms at the Viceroy in LA. The twin vanity is unusual too, with the subway tiles, the marble and the porthole mirrors. It's almost like a hip New York hotel. But what's really gorgeous is the kitchen / dining room. I'd LOVE that oversized black pendant lamp! And look at the outside ones too! (You can just glimpse them.) Wonder where the architect / designer sourced those?

    You always find such great spaces.

  10. OHH you find such exquisite places Virginia, this place ticks loads of boxes :))

  11. The staircase and floors are fabulous! I have just sent a blogging award your way. Very well deserved.

  12. very, very dramatic! love it!

  13. Hello friend! Just checking in as it has been longer than usual since we have heard from you. Hope all is ok there, just busy! :)

    1. Hi Heather - delighted that you noticed! Yes, have been away for the week in Singapore - on a much needed holiday. Was quite fabulous. So I am completely out of touch with what has been happening in blogworld - but looking forward to catching up now. x

  14. this is a wild place i love it.
    ....and the egg shaped tub is a hoot.



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