Jul 3, 2012

Project Update :: House on the Hill :: Recycled Ironbark Posts

"How about this one? It's got lots of history.
All those rusted rivets and plates - aren't they gorgeous?"
Luckily my fabulous clients also get excited about such things.
They needed too. 
We were stomping around the largest timber recycling yard in Melbourne,
hunting for timber posts for the House on the Hill front porch.
And look what we found.
Posts from an old railway bridge, nearby the gorgeous part of rural New South Wales, where one of the client's grew up.
We loved the linkage. The posts were about 150 years old,
cut from ironbark trees which would have been that age again or more.
They have just been placed into position at the front,
forming a welcoming sentinel for visitors.

To the left of this ironbark post is a rendered planter box.
It will be watered from the rain chain to be installed above it,
fed from the porch roof.
The shiplap cladding you can see to the left of this image is Silvertop Ash,
which will be allowed to weather to a soft silvery grey.

Soon the posts will have copper up/down pillar lights attached to them,
to highlight their rugged beauty.

The porch floor has been laid with Western Australian limestone in a French Pattern.
(Which has also been laid to the floors of the wet areas internally.)

It happily melds with all the timbers in the building.

But to me, these recycled timber posts are the stars of the show
- and because they come with a provenance attached,
it's like a little "welcome home" every time the owners walk up those steps.

images :: blue fruit
project :: house on the hill 


  1. Looks gorgeous - would love to see some inside photos at completion :-)

    1. Hi Raquel - I'll make sure to do that!

  2. Wow what a beautiful addition to a modern house. Will look absolutely spectacular with copper lights too! xx

    Anna (My Design Ethos)

  3. This is such a cool house! Let's follow each other!

  4. Oh they look amazing, I love their juxtaposition with the smoother wood on the front of the house.

  5. Linkage from the past makes it all that more fabulous!
    The house is looking amazing Virginia!!

  6. They are absolutely the stars... but then I love anything old and recycled... xv

  7. ah, yes I too get excited over old timber posts! The more rustic the better (and saves new trees too).
    Sar x

  8. What a great find! I love the timber and rusty bits of metal and the juxtaposition of old and new. The house is looking fabulous. It will look even better when the ash weathers! x

    1. Which, given that the house is on the coast, probably won't take too long!

  9. Wow! Stunning detail.
    x kl


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