Jul 26, 2012

MIA? Nah, just a week in paradise in Singapore!

If you have been wondering why all has gone quiet 
on the Glamour Drops blog, 
it's because I've just spent the most glorious week in sultry Singapore.
Laksa for breakfast, walks through botanical gardens,
mango ice-cream for lunch
and Singapore Slings at Raffles in the early twilight.
(Well, you just know I would have to fit a cocktail in there somewhere...) 

Yes, it's a tough gig. Such a fabulous little spot.

As soon as I can catch my breath,
I'll post some images and thoughts on this tropical city of many cultures,
for to me,
that is the most fascinating part.
It's a place where food reigns supreme
and the people are incredibly friendly.

And now, I have returned to some wonderful new projects
and a very busy time of year in Melbourne,
with a myriad of design exhibitions & openings.

And after a week of summery sunshine,
it's exciting to wear the gorgeous winter clothes again!

image :: hilarious sign at the national orchid garden,
 in the beautiful singapore botanical gardens


  1. Yes I thought you might have slipped in some Singapore slings at the Raffles!
    Welcome back x

    1. I couldn't resist! Have been to Singapore a few times before, but never found time to enjoy a Singapore Sling. Worth the wait though - they are sublime. Now, to try and find the real recipe...x

  2. Looking forward to seeing your pics! Welcome back. x

  3. Singapore is such a little country but so fun visit.
    I love their Singapore chicken rice,
    you've got to try it. And love Laksa too especially if it is served real hot.

  4. Welcome back, nothing like a little time out. I've heard that Singapore is very orderly but this...well, it puts the Swiss to shame! Sylvia

  5. Hooray! There you are! Well, now you know officially that I am a worrier. :) And Singapore! Wow! I have only been to the airport a few times and it is one of my favorites with all of the plants and massage booths everywhere. I have always heard that the eats are divine. Can't wait to see more when you can...
    Gros bisous,

    1. Divine indeed - we planned to spend a whole week eating amazing food and that is exactly what happened. Somehow, we managed to lose weight at the same time - an even more marvellous arrangement! x

  6. Oh, I'd love to spend some time in Singapore. It's the new Hong Kong, apparently. Can't wait to see your pix! x

  7. I adore Singapore,it's so clean.
    I'm a new follower and I'd like to invite you over, I'm having a giveaway for Aussie bloggers..xx


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