Jul 4, 2012

Just something Fabulous :: Velvet, Satin and Hats :: Armani in softest blues

In the softest shades of the blue/lilac/grey/lavender spectrum,
the Armani collection on the runway in Paris this week
really caught my eye. 
Not just because of the very soft, sophisticated colours,
and not just because of the fabrics in velvet and satin. 
Nope. That's not why. Although it is reason enough.
So what was it? The girls were wearing hats. Oh Yep.

A beret-inspired confection of smooth texture,
so deliciously dark.

Utterly, utterly elegant. 
And extremely wearable. 
Will we see a return to hats, do you think,
especially if they are subtle like this?

giorgio armani privé 2012 paris couture week
images :: close up // all others


  1. Those hats look fab!
    Nice fabric too
    on those lovely outfits.

  2. There took my breath away - so soft and elegant. Those velvet pants must feel so luxurious on!

  3. This is wonderful, first of all that silvery blue is the colour I want to reupholster my chairs in one day, I'd actually like a whole room built round that shade, you see it a lot in old movies but not so much nowadays.
    I love the hats too, they are like very chic berets.

  4. Love their little hats - they look like dolls.
    So chic ;)
    Have a great day Virginia

  5. Gowns made of moon rays and clouds.
    Hats are back? We have to re-learn how to wear them and Philip Treacy won't be a lonely star anymore.

  6. Are those velvet pants? I Love velvet pants!

  7. Virginia,
    last night I was searching for Holly Golightly hats and now you come with these stylish subtle, minimalistic ones. Congratulations, this post is perfect.
    All gorgeous, but the first pic took me to Paradise.


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