Jul 31, 2012

That's it :: they're lost then...

You know that sinking feeling when you have lost something?
"It has to be here somewhere," I muttered, 
frantically searching through my luggage for the umpteenth time.
"It's gone. Move on," cajoled my husband.

"You know, if you hadn't taken so many photographs,
you wouldn't have had to change memory cards,
and it now wouldn't be lost," he pointed out. 
Rather logically.

Jul 26, 2012

MIA? Nah, just a week in paradise in Singapore!

If you have been wondering why all has gone quiet 
on the Glamour Drops blog, 
it's because I've just spent the most glorious week in sultry Singapore.
Laksa for breakfast, walks through botanical gardens,
mango ice-cream for lunch
and Singapore Slings at Raffles in the early twilight.
(Well, you just know I would have to fit a cocktail in there somewhere...) 

Yes, it's a tough gig. Such a fabulous little spot.

As soon as I can catch my breath,
I'll post some images and thoughts on this tropical city of many cultures,
for to me,
that is the most fascinating part.
It's a place where food reigns supreme
and the people are incredibly friendly.

And now, I have returned to some wonderful new projects
and a very busy time of year in Melbourne,
with a myriad of design exhibitions & openings.

And after a week of summery sunshine,
it's exciting to wear the gorgeous winter clothes again!

image :: hilarious sign at the national orchid garden,
 in the beautiful singapore botanical gardens

Jul 17, 2012

Swirled Icecream Staircase :: new work by Caia di Lizio :: Barry St

As if created from swirls of coconut ice-cream,
the white staircase scoops through the interiors 
with a voluptuous movement.
It's part of the Barry Street Residence,
new work from Caia Di Lizio.

Jul 16, 2012

The Glamour of Glomesh Handbags :: oh, they're back!!

A glittery Glomesh handbag is a much-covetted handbag
in many an Aussie girl's vintage wardrobe.
(Um, I have to confess to having a few of them.)
They added a glittery jolt of glamour on the arms of many stylish Australian women from the 1950s - to the 1980s.

But after decades of being consigned to the dusty shelves 
of the vintage shops,
the Glomesh brand has come back to life.
Ye Gods! How come I didn't know about this before now?

The new ones are much bigger - with a more contemporary tote shape.
But they still have the traditional glittery, metallic mesh glamour.
Aren't they gorgeous?

images & details :: glomesh

Just Something Fun...it's all about perspective, really...

From the witty Paco Pomet. 

Jul 14, 2012

Pink Lady Anyone?? A Classic Cocktail...

I've been trawling through all the archives of my cocktail recipe books,
and came across the Pink Lady,
which was a rather fetchingly-named drink 
in much demand at those glamorous 1930s cocktail parties,
which we looked at in our series.

It was actually quite delicious,
if somewhat potent.
But the colour was truly fabulous - rather an eye-catching drink 
to serve at the beginning of the evening when you need something
fun to serve guests.

Pink Lady Cocktail

1 measure (25 ml/1 fluid ounce) gin
4 dashes grenadine
1 dash egg white

Pour into a cocktail shaker, shake vigorously to allow the 
egg white to amalgamate. 
Add generous ice to the shaker,
& shake again, then strain into martini glass.

This makes one - so just multiply per number of guests.
We used Bombay Sapphire - but just use your favourite gin
because the flavour really shines through,
despite the colour! 
The eggwhite creates a very smooth texture,
and "holds" the grenadine
in what can only be described as a lustred suspension.
Everybody was alarmed when I put it in,
but all agreed it made for a very s-m-o-o-t-h drink. 

Oh, and dressing in pink is optional. 

images :: cocktails blue fruit

Jul 12, 2012

Groovy 60s House :: Project Update :: Green Tiles are Go!

There are some exciting developments happening at the 
Groovy 1960s House renovation and extension.
I popped in to have a look at progress today,
and this is what the boys have been busy installing...

Jul 11, 2012

Exposed brick walls, timber cladding, 1930s style and a lemon tree...

If I hear the words "exposed brick and timber cladding",
I immediately prick up my ears like a horse hearing a favourite person's whistle.
And if those words describe a building involving an extension,
I am even more interested. 
Because it's hard to get extensions right 
- so that they feel part of the original house. 
Not contrived. Not tacked on. 
Not slavishly copied from the original part of the house.
But honing in on the essence of the original,
and recreating that spirit in the new works.
This house in Hawthorn East in Melbourne is a text book case of getting that balance right, I reckon.
But see what you think...

Jul 7, 2012

Would you Like to Live Here? :: Contemporary Style in the City with a Pool

Milking every centimetre of a triangular shaped block can create 
surprisingly good architecture.
Sometimes, the tougher the site, the more interesting the result, I think.
So on this little block, of triangular shape, 
Catt Architects have managed to squeeze a lot of personality 
into a little space.

Jul 6, 2012

Elements of Glamour :: Surprise and Friendship

What sort of a title is that?
How can surprise and friendship be elements of glamour?
Well I have a parcel with French stamps on it to prove my theory...

Jul 5, 2012

Ruby :: Birthstone for July :: Red, Red, Red.

With the new July days abounding,
there's another birthstone to explore:
the dramatically beautiful Ruby.
If this is your birthday month, and if the poem is to be believed,
you'll have a pretty good love life if you choose to wear your birthstone.
And for the rest of us, 
we can enjoy this long-admired gem, and its fabulous red tones, too.

Jul 4, 2012

Just something Fabulous :: Velvet, Satin and Hats :: Armani in softest blues

In the softest shades of the blue/lilac/grey/lavender spectrum,
the Armani collection on the runway in Paris this week
really caught my eye. 
Not just because of the very soft, sophisticated colours,
and not just because of the fabrics in velvet and satin. 
Nope. That's not why. Although it is reason enough.
So what was it? The girls were wearing hats. Oh Yep.

Jul 3, 2012

Project Update :: House on the Hill :: Recycled Ironbark Posts

"How about this one? It's got lots of history.
All those rusted rivets and plates - aren't they gorgeous?"
Luckily my fabulous clients also get excited about such things.
They needed too. 
We were stomping around the largest timber recycling yard in Melbourne,
hunting for timber posts for the House on the Hill front porch.
And look what we found.
Posts from an old railway bridge, nearby the gorgeous part of rural New South Wales, where one of the client's grew up.
We loved the linkage. The posts were about 150 years old,
cut from ironbark trees which would have been that age again or more.
They have just been placed into position at the front,
forming a welcoming sentinel for visitors.

Jul 2, 2012

Fabulous Front Entrances :: Letterboxes with Panache

On a delightful walk in the streets around my house,
I happened upon some quite fabulous letterboxes.
Like this one in corten steel, a gabion cage of river stones
+ stainless steel numbers.
Far from the often-boring varieties sold by the millions at hardware stores,
these letterboxes show what can be achieved with a little imagination.

It possibly doesn't look quite as huge in a picture, 
but this eucalyptus post measures about 400 x 400 mm and stands about 2500 mm high. That was some tree it came from.

Built from masonry, the bricks have been rendered and painted
in a soft mauve grey which matches the bark of the gum tree seen 
just behind it. 
It's simple but eye-catching for the postie.

Another solid timber post, 
with the letterbox carved into it.

Apart from making life more interesting for the postie,
and being a spot to clearly define the street number for visitors,
an interesting letterbox can provide an architectural link to a house,
with a little preview of what may be in store inside.

It's definitely part of what makes up a 
Fabulous Front Entrance. 

images :: blue fruit

Jul 1, 2012

Baking :: Chocolate Hazelnut Petite Four

I love the quieter, more leisurely pace of the weekend.
When there's time to curl up in front of the fire,
with friends and good coffee.
I made these little biscuits, 
using the freshly harvested hazelnuts now available in the shops,
(which are sensational this season),
to have on hand for the weekend, for the visitors who always drop in.

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