Jun 19, 2012

Would you Like to Live here? :: A cottage with a pool and a cosmopolitan attitude...

I often figure that the perfect lifestyle 
would be living in a little city-pad, 
preferably a chic cottage,
for the weekdays.
And then escaping to a rambling country retreat on the weekends.

 Where a barely-tamed garden would yield white pear blossom
by the arm-full,
and baskets full of crisp green vegetables,
to be picked in the fresh country air.

So a cottage rather like this one,
currently on the market,
would be one half of the puzzle completed.

Because the space in the cottage wouldn't have to be huge,
just very clever,
and as long as there is a little sun-drenched courtyard 
in which to drink a glass of wine with friends,
it would be rather lovely.

And I could bring back flowers from the country house
to dot about the city cottage,
perhaps rose hips, blossom + wattle flowers,
about to burst forth in golden yellow balls of globular goodness.

And try to keep work to the weekdays only.
With the weeknights saved for the theatre & galleries.
And weekends for country farmer's markets,
long walks & late lunches in the garden.

Of course, it's a rather romantic notion. 
So a romantic little cottage suits the fantasy.

So what do you think?
Would it be a charming lifestyle,
to have the luxury of two homes, 
one in the city and one in the country?
(This is a fantasy, so we don't have to think about cost,
cleaning or forgetting in which house your favourite outfit has been left.)

And for the city pad, 
would you love to live here?

Property location :: 42 chatsworth rd prahran east
flowers :: from my own garden


  1. Hello Virginia:
    This does seem to be a very 'grown-up' cottage. A chameleon of a place which really does have an ingenious use of space. Would we love it,possibly not but we can admire the clever detailing, the successful marriage of old and new and a surprise from front to back!!

    1. "Grown up" describes it very well, I think.

  2. I love the inside but not the outside, I'm a fusspot aren't i?

    1. Well I'm curious now...which outside, the front or the back? Or both?

  3. Well, since it's only me now...I think this would be simply splendid. And, I must have a pool if only to look at, especially at night when the pool light & landscaping lights are on...just magic. So, wrap it up and ship it on over to Texas. Just let me know where to put it !!


    1. Ok, ordering the shipping container now....

  4. I love it! Especially the living room!

  5. I do love these photos! Just as I love all your posts.

    It's a lovely idea, having two places – a city pied-a-terre and a country retreat - but I know people who do and they spend their entire weekends maintaining their country retreat! Many of them are selling / have sold because the gardening becomes a chore, the general maintenance becomes a bore and all the house guests leave a mess that takes all of Sunday night to clean up!

    I think it would be lovely if you had staff at both places. Much like Lindsay Fox, who has a beach house at Portsea, a country place at Mt Macedon and a main house in Toorak, with people to maintain them all. You really want to sweep in, pour a drink and put your feet up.

    Then again, I suppose if you can afford a country house, you might be able to stretch to a housekeeper to help with it?!

    Janelle McCulloch | Library of Design xx

    1. Yes, sadly, I suspect that would be how it would pan out! It does sound so delightful in theory though.

  6. Yes! But I say that nearly every single time don't I?!? But truly, when I saw the first photo, I immediately thought "Wow"!--especially with that wrap around pool. Makes me think of the pools at Udaivilas so you can swim between rooms. :) I would be happy with JUST this probably but if I could have a country cottage too? Yipeee!

    1. what pools at Udaivilas? I shall have to go look that up. Sounds intriguing, swimming between rooms!

  7. How about we extend it to a city pad, a country spread and a beach shack! Now I think that would be perfect x

    1. Oh indeed, although if one had the weekend pad on the Mornington Peninsula, it would double as a beach house as well. Mushroom picking in autumn and beach walking in summer - bliss!

  8. There is something so chic about small, well designed spaces. I also admire those that can make small spaces look and feel so livable and refined. That small pool on the side of the house is just perfect. Beautiful home!

  9. Mel@Georgica Pond20/6/12 2:42 PM

    This is very cool. If I were an empty nester this would be the perfect scenario. I'd love the compact, low maintenance lifestyle of the city cottage complete with pool and an eclectic feel, keeping it low key and chic, then have the country pad which would be more classic, country and traditional. Ah, we can but dream.


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