Jun 11, 2012

Is that a Magpie I see before Me? Outside my kitchen window...

What should greet me in the morning mist,
sitting upon the fence outside the kitchen window,
but 3 very elegant magpies,
calmly waiting for their breakfast.
They appeared as if by apparition,
the misty fog enhancing the glossy black + sparkling white of their feathers.
Were they the 3 witches of Macbeth,
which we saw on Friday night, in a most fabulous production by Bell Shakespeare?
Escaped from the stage and into the mist?

Nay ~ just the family popping in for a snack.
Mother to the left, father to the centre, baby to the right.
And on the breakfast menu this morning?
The finest mozzarella cheese, grated especially ~ a food they adore so much 
that I am rewarded with the sweetest carol in the world in return:
the larking melodic song of the magpie.

Through witchcraft or not, 
the song of a happy bird is sweet music to any ears.

(And can you tell I have been quoting Shakespeare all weekend?
How stories written SO long ago can resonate with us just as strongly now,
the wisdom just as clever, the wit just as sharp,
the poignancy just as sweet,
is truly extraordinary.)


  1. Great photo. We have 6 kookaburras that greet us every morning around 4.30 am! Then again at around 6 just in case you've slept through the first chorus !!! G.x

    1. Ah how wonderful! One of the other most wonderful bird calls - not as pretty as the magpie - but oh so jolly. And so loud!

  2. Lovely. What a sweet moment.

  3. Oh, I literally had to put my hand over my heart for this. Do you know that Shakespeare was my "raison d'etre" when I was an actor? It was what I lived to do. To bring those beautiful words into life, hopefully making beautiful music. It makes me so sad that so many have no idea what it is or can be, having been taught it poorly or by memory as children. He conveys the utmost of joy and the depths of misery--and at times in the same speech! Not to mention he invented nearly a quarter of the English language...I am so proud to have played Ophelia, Cleopatra and Constance in King John amongst others...

    In France, magpies are known for stealing shiny things--it looks as though you have yours charmed!

    1. What amazes me is that people still flock to see Shakespeare though - which is just wonderful - and no mean feat for somebody who lived so very long ago. And despite all the Shakespeare which gets poorly taught at school! I can only imagine how invigorating it must be to play it. And I can completely understand how it would be your raison d'ĂȘtre.

      Our maggies do not steal shiny things - just our hearts. They are definitely spoilt rotten.

  4. WOW! Breathtaking!! XX

  5. My husband and I were both English majors. He quoted a Shakespearean sonnet on our first date. While he cannot carry a note, he has the most lovely speaking voice. Charmed I was. We have been having an almost 40 year debate on who was really Shakespeare. I had read that old Will had signed his will with an "X". The mystery may never be solved...the conversation may not end. Love the idea of the three magpies appearing, unbidden, relaxed, knowing they own the place. Great picture.


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