Jun 1, 2012

Fancy dinner in a glamorous treehouse? You may like this then...

If a taste for the exotic tantalises your tastebuds,
then having dinner in a golden-lit sculptural globe,
in the middle of a redwood forest,
may just fit the bill.

The Redwoods Treehouse has been built
entirely out of timber,
10 metres above the ground,
and is reached via a tree-top walk,
itself rather fun.

It's not a restaurant, exactly,
because you can't just book a table for two.
But it caters for private functions,
so if you have up to 30 squirrel-like friends,
you could have yourselves the most marvellous little dinner.
Or a very exclusive dinner for two.

It was originally built for an advertising campaign,
in a forest near Warkworth, north of Auckland NZ,
but is now used for photo shoots & those fabulous private dinners.

It makes the thought of dining in an ordinary, 
on-the-ground restaurant seem kind of, well, everyday really. 

Would you like to eat here,
by candlelight amongst the treetops?

architects :: pacific environments


  1. Bah, not with thirty other people! Boooo! That was made for a private dinner...for two. :)

  2. Yes, I could definitely eat there, day or night. It's really cool! x

  3. Well, my first thought is "wow, what a great experience!" I'm the opposite of Lost in Provence... for me it would be more about the gathering of people to share the experience. However, my BIGGEST concern is that it is a giant lantern, filled with living beings, warm blooded, and as a person experienced with the country life, light attracts insects, and mosquitoes are pretty much attracted to anything warm blooded. I did not see the screen that should be covering this little glowing bulb of experiential fun :S

  4. I wouldn't just like to eat here...I would love to eat here!!!

  5. I fancy it - I'd even live there :) Have a great week Virginia - Ax


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