Jun 23, 2012

Capturing the Ocean in Glass :: the work of Sarah Dingwall

Glass is one of the most enchanting materials, I think.
Perhaps it is because it is so fragile, 
or perhaps because it can hold colour + clarity concurrently.
But this artist has managed to do something else with glass again.
She has captured the feel of the ocean + the beach,  
which surrounds her daily life,
in these beautiful pieces of jewellery and objects.

Tiny heads of sea grass have been captured in this molten glass.

Sarah Dingwall lives on the glorious Mornington Peninsula,
and both the landscape + seascape inspire her work.
Quite literally.

A sea-snail inspired globule of sea-tingling aqua blue-green,
in a glass ring.

A little like the concept of the "ship in a bottle',
Sarah's works have that glorious sense of capturing a treasure,
and protecting it with glass walls to celebrate it.

Her photography on her blog has the same sense of delicacy 
as her glass works.
And capturing delicacy is perhaps exactly what glass does best of all.

sarah dingwall :: blog :: etsy


  1. These pieces are gorgeous and so unique! Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. I love the glass capsules. It is a great idea to enclose something special in glass. My ex father-in-law was a glass blower and made my daughter a capsule filled with sand from her favourite beach in WA, the wear around her neck. It was such a special piece.
    I will check out Sarah's work! x

    1. What a beautiful gift for your daughter. You said "was" as if it doesn't exist anymore?

  3. We often forget that glass was considered a truly precious material in ancient times. I feel like her work really captures the essence of that which was. Gorgeous!!
    Hoping you are enjoying your weekend!

    1. Yes indeed, it was only with the industrial age that it became affordable for so many.

  4. Beautiful. I remember finding some of the most amazing artists in Australia. The unique, special landscape has much to do with their inspiration, as you've shown here. Love that ring!

    1. Yes, I think you've nailed it Carla. The land is so very ancient, that it does seem to inspire people to think creatively.

  5. Truly beautiful, delicate and elegant work, love it!
    Enjoy your weekend :)

  6. I could add one of these to the crystal dorje and moonstone in my rock-crystal offering bowl.

    1. oh dear I better stop doing these posts, or your rock-crystal offering bowl is going to be somewhat overflowing!


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