Jun 20, 2012

Artwork which makes you look twice...and think twice.. the sculpture of Frank Plant

Hunting for inspiration for a laundry design,
I stumbled across this wonderful wire-sculpture silhouette by Frank Plant.
And became completely enchanted with the 3d effect of his sculptures 
which sit just off the wall,
creating a shadow.

As an American living in Barcelona,
by way of Amsterdam,
he brings a dry and observational wit to his pieces.
At first glance,
they are just beautifully worked steel.
But on second glance,
each one has something to say.
And on third glance,
they have quite a lot to say.

Quite fabulous, don't you think?

images & more of his work :: frank plant


  1. I love it, so clever, wire, wit and social commentary!

  2. Love them!Would love to see them lifesized, on the side of a public building etc. Very clever. Rx

    1. Or even over-scaled, on the side of a public building - would be quite traffic-stopping.

  3. I love the piece with the umbrellas - the shadows under the feet make the people look like they are floating! Or maybe I love the robed bone heads the best.

  4. I cant imagine the skill behind the last picture as any one who made it is genius

  5. I love the third one it's that bone he's used to form the heads?

    1. Indeed it is bone - a rather pun-ful reference I take it.

  6. This is so amazing. Thanks for the heads up about this artist. The heads....funny!

  7. So creative. This reminds me of artwork that I learned about in the Vatican. There was a section on the ceiling in the halls that appeared to be "raised" from the ceiling, but in fact it was not raised. How amazing that illusions can be created with art?


  8. I like it too Virginia - witty and cool at the same time, gotta love that:)
    Hope you haven't rained away, here the sun is finally out, but only today, then rain again - typical scandi summer.
    Have a great day,

  9. Hi Virginia, I can see why you became enchanted, his work is incredible.

  10. I've never seen his work before- amazing!


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