May 2, 2012

Where's My Hat ???

In the chill of the early autumn morning,
my husband reached for his faithful trilby hat
before striding out the door.
But where was the hat?
Not where it should have been. 

Left on the kitchen bench the night before, 
Rumbah (the opinionated rainbow lorrikeet) decided 
that this pure wool, Italian made, Milana hat 
would make the perfect perch. 
On which to eat a stolen piece of bread.

Not sure who shrieked more: my husband who lost his hat,
my daughter who lost her breakfast,
or Rumbah who lost his perch! 

(Just a note: Rumbah must have dragged the bread 
onto the hat, as he likes to do,
because in our house we generally 
use plates, not hats, for food receptacles.)


  1. At the risk of sounding facetious - would the lorrikeet have used a plate if the hat were not available?

    Right now a cool autumnal morning sounds just right. We're in the upper eighties already and the humidity has not yet begun.

    1. Well he is a most cantankerous fellow.

      So if food is on a plate, he will drag it off. But if he finds food off a plate, he will drag it on. Just to be contrary. Bit like humans really.

    2. Your lorrikeet and I would get along, I feel!

  2. Blow....just when I was thinking you had found the newest way to make food look fascinating so no one would notice that the bread was dry as they goggled with admiration at you new serving ware!!!!!!!

    1. It would be perfect for a Mad Hatter's Tea Party then wouldn't it Jules? Dry bread and all.

  3. Rumbah!! You sneaky devil! Oh la, this is exactly what I needed to make me smile after a bad night of sleep (my fault, too many moules frites).

    No permanent damge to such a fine hat, I hope.

    1. Luckily no, the hat was fine - thank goodness the bread hadn't got so far as to have anything on it. It was about to be spread with ricotta, basil and tomato. Now that would have made a fine mess!

  4. NO? You actually saw that beautiful bird in real life? It's so stunning, I'm so envious.

    1. Not sure if you would be so envious if you knew how naughty he is!

  5. Isn't he fabulous? Such personality...but then, that's not my hat! So lovely to see Rumbah back in action again thank you. Annie x.


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