May 8, 2012

When is a House like a Box of Chocolates?

Have I gone nuts?
How is a house like a box of chocolates?
Well, when the exterior is richly dark, fancy & decadent. 
Just like chocolate.
And when every room inside is different from the others.
Just like the colourful fillings of a mixed box of delectable chocolate.
This turreted villa for sale in Hawthorn, well, more of a mansion really,
if we are going to get picky,
has all the richness and variety of a deluxe gift box.
Let's lift the lid and peruse the contents of this luscious selection.

For starters, there is a large selection of rooms,
like a variety box.
Including, oh yum, a tower room in the main house.
(Wouldn't that be a good spot to retreat 
with a good book, pleasant company & perhaps afternoon tea?)
And a summer house. I like the idea of that too. 
And, in a nod to sheer luxury, an open fire place in the laundry.
Now that would be ironing in style! 
But in order to be a really good box of chocolates,
you know, the kind that one really wants for special occasions,
there needs to be quite a bit of colour & flavour in little bites.
Peppermint fondant, raspberry, violet, nougat...
So let's see if our house has the goods.
The dining room is definitely pistachio marzipan,
in a rather dramatic tone. 
With coconut ganache on top.
(A dining room is the perfect room in which to add a bolt of colour;
it makes it quite theatrical.)
Perhaps fondant in violet or possibly plum, 
for the sitting room, do you think?
Now I am a little more stumped with this beautiful blue bedroom.
Perhaps a blueberry-scented truffle?
The almond praline of the summer house interior
is visible through the darkest chocolate ganache windows. 
Oh this room is a cinch. Has to be vanilla nougat 
with slivers of roasted almonds.

A blue and yellow kitchen.
Blue Curaçao fondant with salted caramel?
(Personally, I'm twitching to get out some paint cans here.
Changing the blue for marshmallow white, 
and painting the yellow in pale duck egg blue instead.
But I digress...)
The house, named Talana, was built in 1900,
and designed by the architect John Beswicke
in the Queen Anne style of red brickwork, tiled roof & fretwork gables.

Our chocolate box home comes with a tennis court & pool
as well as that summer house, 
so there is plenty of variety in both spaces to entertain 
as well as colourful interiors. 
And it is rather like a box of chocolates.

Would you love to live here?

Property location :: 1 harcourt st hawthorn east melbourne
agents details & images :: rt edgar
chocolate images :: koko black


  1. Ah very clever and exactly RIGHT!
    P.S. I am in complete agreement with your kitchen scheme.

  2. wonderful, clever and delicious! Thank you!

  3. Very moreish but a little on the large size for me!
    I wonder if one of the bathrooms was a raspberry cream as what box of chocolates is complete without?!!!!!

  4. I expected not to like this home...but I do....even though the summer house is more my size......excellent post...k

  5. Your blog makes me hungry! :) Great post. N.G.

  6. Hi Virginia, what a resourceful comparison! Yammy... The images of chocolates are more enticing than the rooms.
    Too many different flavors to my taste inside this beautiful mansion. You're especially right with the kitchen color scheme.

    You probably will enjoy The guy is a genius in sweets descriptions. Irresistible.
    There're so many houses that look like layered pastries.

  7. This is so much fun thanks Virginia! I agree regarding pulling out some paint cans but it certainly has a good floor plan for a house of its age and stature. Lovely home and beautiful grounds. Yes, could live there quite comfortably thank you. Annie x.

  8. I love the way your mind works Virginia--only you could come up with this!

    1. Um...I'll take this as a compliment, I think, Heather! Haha!

  9. How right you are about the dining room...colour does add excitement and anticipation both of which are essential for a good dinner party, for guest....and host alike. The blue kitchen represents the last chocolate in the box...not the favourite but will do in the end.

    Yet another brilliant post Virginia....thank you.

    1. Oh very clever Sylvia - yes, the last chocolate indeed.


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