May 14, 2012

A Night at the Opera :: colour, drama, music...

the magic flute melbourne
 We took the tweenager to his first opera on Saturday night,
and there was as much joy in watching his beaming face 
as there was in watching this splendid production.
gilda opera gloves
It was also the perfect excuse to don a long black sequined gown,
black opera gloves & lots of sparkles.
Well, one wouldn't want to be underdressed, would one?

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  1. Hello Virginia:
    How positively splendid to hear that you have taken your teenage son to 'The Magic Flute' and how perfectly wonderful to know that he enjoyed it. Who knows, but this may be the start of a lifelong interest in opera? We do hope so!

    1. We were a little nervous that he wouldn't like it - but after he enjoyed Love Never Dies so much last year, we thought why not give this a whirl. After all, who doesn't adore Mozart?

      And he decided to wear a suit, arrange his hair in a 1930s style and have an open mind about the production. The verdict at interval was "this is amazing!" And at the end "That was wonderful!".

      So I suspect that your hope will certainly play out for him. I think being introduced to all these things as a child, if one can, makes such a difference.

  2. I can just picture you in a black number like that!

    You are so right Virginia about introducing them young. My three girls have been going to the theatre since they were young ... and they can't get enough! From classic musicals and opera to contemporary pieces (the last two were Onassis and then Cate Blanchett in Big and Small) ... it just opens their minds!
    So glad to hear your son loved it!
    Have a great week hon.

  3. My boys would love to go to something that extravagant (particularly Son #2). Unfortunately we are 6 hours away by car so have to rely on local productions which, while good, don't require that one dress for the occasion - it's shorts and sandals all round. I miss the theatre, opera and ballet. sigh.

  4. Oh hooray!!! We just got home after a truly amazing but long day away and this made me so happy! That his first opera was Mozart and such a great choice, that you fully honored your inner Gilda (and I ain't talking about the Good Witch) is just one post that is nothing but joy!

  5. "The Magic Flute" is a perfect introduction to opera!


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