May 9, 2012

Just something feminine :: Carl Kapp gowns

In an ode to the beauty of femininity,
this collection of gowns from Carl Kapp,
in flowing swirls of luminous sorbet colours,
makes me want to immediately throw a Grecian Goddess cocktail party.
Truly elegant & truly glamorous.
It would be a rather stunning party,
don't you think?


  1. Definitely see the Grecian influence. Yummy fabric, love the turquoise colour x

  2. Oh ... they are just stunning Virginia! xx

  3. WOW wow wow - I adore this style and the colors -just stunning. I'll be there - in a dress not toga ha ha:)
    Happy day to you Virginia

  4. I'll be will recognise me immediately...I will be wearing the red!!!!

  5. Such beautiful colors - I would love to have any one of those dresses.

  6. Mel@Georgica Pond10/5/12 5:22 PM

    WOW - those saturated colours and the swathes of silk just falling off those girls in all the right ways - heavenly.

  7. I love them all--and I am picky!! Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.


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