May 7, 2012

It's got to be here somewhere :: a secret gate...

Peeking through the timber slats
is the beckoning house,
and you can just see a glimpse of the extraordinary view behind.
With a stunning landscape like this,
it must have been tempting to have a visible view,
for the front entrance,
and yet revealing it slowly makes it so much more intriguing.
Leaving the total reveal
to be discovered...

...and savoured.
In leisure.
And on a busy Monday morning,
this looks pretty idyllic to me!

architecture & images :: dettorre architects
project :: azuris house at hamilton island, queensland


  1. wow. so beautiful! it's quite like opening a present - you never know what you will find inside.

  2. Wow! This space is amazing! I am speechless. Thanks for sharing this magnificent space/view with us!



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