May 23, 2012

Gobbledygook :: A Begging Plea to all Bloggers to stop using Word Verification!

As usual,
Lewis Carroll says it best: the silliness of gobbledygook I mean.

Which is exactly what it feels like when I have to decipher
the impossible words,
 as part of the word verification process,
when leaving a comment on lots of Blogger blogs. 

Now I try. I really do.
But when a w looks an vn,
or a T looks like an F,
and then my spell checker corrects it before I can,
well, round we go again.

I struggle on with commenting
because I love to give people feedback. 
I love getting comments, so I assume everybody else does too.

(If spam is driving you nuts,
you can use comment verification instead. Much easier!) 

So please, please, please,
if you have a Blogger blog with this evil thing attached,
I would be over-the-moon happy if you
disabled your word verification.

Does it bother you too, 
or is it just me???

image :: blue fruit 
quote :: alice in wonderland, by the very wise lewis carroll

instructions on how to remove it:
Go to "Settings" on your dashboard, 
then select "Posts and Comments".
 You will see "Show Word Verification" and just select no.


  1. I thought it was just me, I don't comment now on blogs who have it, it was taking me 4 sometimes 5 goes!

    1. Yay, you make me feel an awful lot better Tabitha. I suspected that I was just getting grumpy due to my own ineptitude in deciphering, rather than from the rotten word verification itself.

  2. Yes, it annoys me awfully and I struggle to read that text. Then I see I have it enabled sorry! Removed. Annie x.

    1. Oh yippee! I am so thrilled! I love visiting your blog and now I shall love it even more. Happy dance over here...

  3. Oh my gosh! Virginia, I think you know what a techy weakling I am--I had no idea that I could disable it!!!
    Will look into may take some time for me to figure out but I am on it...

    1. Done!! Holy cow if I had known that it was that simple I would have done it a long time ago...Merci!!!!

    2. Oh it is very well hidden, thank you Blogger, but when you know where to look it is very easy to find.

      Just go to "Settings" on your dashboard, then select "Posts and Comments". You will see "Show Word Verification" and just select no.

      That's it!

    3. Virginia, I think that I am going to post these instructions on my blog! Can you imagine--it is so easy and no one even knows that they can fix a really annoying problem so very easily...Will link back to to you of course! :)

    4. Please do! The more people who disable it, the better it is for all of us.

  4. Thanks for the instruct...done! I hate the "drunken" word game as well, so was horrified to see that I employed it....k

    1. Yay! Glad to be of help. And now it will be so much easier for me, and everybody else, to leave comments on your fabulous blog Kathy!

  5. HAHA! Yes it bothers me! I always have to do it three or four times and by then I've lost all of my will to leave a message. Start a revolution!
    Thanks for commenting on my site :)

    1. Roll on the revolution - and off with word verification heads! Go the red queen!

      I just knew the Alice in Wonderland connection was useful...

  6. It really bothers me. I didn't know we had an option. Must look it up. Thank you!

  7. Couldn't agree with you more, that's why I disabled my word verification a while ago...hate it! xx

  8. Hello Virginia:
    Thank you so much for this tip. We hate word verification too and, as we are so myopic, we are virtually in the computer screen trying to fathom it out!


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