May 17, 2012

Gates/ balustrades/ handrails... I can't think about anything else!

Have you ever noticed that when you buy a new blue dress,
suddenly everybody else seems to be wearing one?
Or when you need to replace your letterbox,
suddenly letterboxes keep catching your attention?
Well, I am busily designing the gates & balustrades 
for the House on the Hill at the moment,
and wherever I go, I seem to be almost crashing the car
when I spot an interesting gate.
This one is just around the corner from my house. 
I don't know who designed or made it,
but it is a beautiful example of the possibilities of wrought iron.
(I did consider knocking on the door of the house to enquire, 
but my children said that would be embarrassing.)

Do you suddenly become obsessed with certain things too?

image :: blue fruit


  1. When we were looking to replace gates about a year ago I drove around our neighbourhood with a camera. Luckily for me my girls aren't old enough to question what really is rather shameful! The time will come!

    1. lap it up while you can then Annie! My children spend a lot of their time shaking their head at their crazy mother and her antics.

  2. Hello Virginia:
    The gate you show here is very attractive. It is, as you say, a wonderful example of the craftsmanship that can go into these iron works of art. The gate has a wonderfully light appearance and a great sense of movement, it is perfect for its situation.

    In Budapest, the ironwork is truly amazing although, sadly, such a lot is in need of renovation. However, it is still possible to find people who can make the most magnificent things in iron and there are also many fine examples of contemporary ironwork throughout the city.

    1. Ah, then it would be truly delightful if you were to stroll about those streets with a camera in hand. I, and no doubt lots of others, would love to see that.

  3. I am always drawn to interesting wrought iron work, my favourites are found in the fin de siecle flats in Sweden - i would love one of those.

  4. Ah, yes I know that feeling of seeing something (that is on your mind) everywhere. Gables. I am seeing them everywhere, while I am planning the elevations of my next house. I thought Brisbane was a gable wasteland but no, they are everywhere that they are personally topical. Gorgeous gate! A-M xx

  5. I know exactly what you mean... xv

  6. Um, can't you just go back without the kids? Enquiring minds want to know!

  7. I am obsessing about a portico at my front door - with two pillars at the front - not very big, but not small. I am obsessing about it and I see it NOWHERE! Probably because my house is "cape cod" kind of style and I want this thing to start under the eaves. The Husband thinks I'm crazy but I know if I ever see a house that has one I will knock on their door no matter how embarrassed my boys are!

  8. Oh yes. That one is just beautiful, so unique and delicate. It looks like a piece of sculpture. Can't wait to see what you do with your project.

  9. I love wrought iron gates. They have so much presence.

    Oh and I agree about the blue dress comment!

  10. Virginia, no one pops those kind of gates on without wanting to draw attention to their'll probably be the 100th person to have stopped by and asked so I think you should. Whoever made those would certainly be chuffed to know they are being admired....what happens on a drive by yourself stays on the drive by need never know! Sylvia

    1. Yes, I suspect you are quite right. I did promise though....perhaps I could pop a note in their letterbox, so I wouldn't, technically, be breaking my word....


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