May 4, 2012

Friday Fun :: Is that a roar on the dining table???

Wouldn't these roaring leopard napkin holders be fun on the dinner table?
Inspired by the decorative soup tureens of the 17th & 18th centuries
which featured exotic animals, 
Amsterdam-based Emilie Kröner designed these as a modern interpretation.

Of course, you would want to be on good speaking terms
with your guests,
wouldn't want them to get the wrong idea....

images & details :: piselli


  1. They look so ferocious, but sleek and beautiful. I would love to have dinner surrounded by those leopards and think of them as protectors of my dessert!

    1. Oh indeed Joy, they could all be lined up to guard the best part of the meal!

    2. I love this idea! My Dad used to make a little "fort" around his dessert when it was really good with objects from around the table--salt shaker, etc. This brought back a happy memory. :)

  2. These will be a conversation starter for sure! They look fab!



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