May 21, 2012

Fabulous Front Entrance :: patterned timber doors with a clear finish

One of the most striking types of fabulous front doors,
the timber door with a raised pattern,
relies on the pleasing composition of the mouldings
and the beauty of the timber itself.
Allowed to shine through, rather than being painted,
the grain and patterning of the timber creates a very 
welcoming ambience at the front entrance.
A glossy painted door can be sensational & sophisticated,
(who doesn't love a glossy black front door?)
while an oiled, or waxed, timber door 
is much quieter.
The beauty is there to be seen slowly.
It adds a sense of antiquity
(even on a modern house, like the top image),
as well as this more traditional house,
because it relies on a high level of craftsmanship.

Paint will cover a multitude of sins,
but a clear oil or wax finish will not.
So if your door is not in fabulous condition, 
this is probably not the right solution,
unless you love to see the patina of age & life.

And of course, you can add an opaque stain first,
to change the colour of the timber while still allowing the grain to be visible.
My absolute hands-down favourite product for this 
is Aquaoil from Quantum Timber Finishes,
but if you are not in Australia then any good locally made water-based
oil-rich opaque finish will nourish the timber and achieve a similar effect.
Oh I love this colour range!
Earthy colours which work beautifully across various architectural styles.
So if you are after a front door which is incredibly welcoming,
warm & inviting,
then have another look at patterned timber doors with 
a clear finish over them.

They really make a most fabulous front entrance, I think.
But do you agree?

images :: front door detail flipped house by marsh cashman koolos architects // 
houses for sale at 8 myoora st toorak + 23 poorhouse ave armadale via  //
aquaoil colour chart from quantum timber finishes


  1. the first door is amazing!!!

    these doors are really sharp.

    i hope you are doing well.
    happy sunday!

    1. Hello Renee! I wish it were still sunday - but it's full on workday monday over here. Now if i could just travel in a time machine, i could happily hop between time zones to maximise my week. Wouldn't that be handy?

  2. Hello Virginia:
    Although we would always prefer a painted front door, you show some wonderful examples of wood finish here and some of those stain colours are really very special and would give an outstanding look.

    1. Would you? That's interesting. Yes, the right colour makes all the difference - and can take it from ho-hum to outstanding, as you say.

  3. Beautifully stained timber, used well, can add so much texture and 'life'. That last home would be so different without that gorgeous door. It softens the concrete and glass so well. I get very grouchy about all the hard architecture in NZ, with no balance. Australia seems to do it so well. Annie x.

    1. Annie are you kidding me? Right, that's it. I'm going to post a lot more kiwi houses - because I completely disagree with you! There are some fabulous examples - especially of the coastal style, which I personally adore.

      Having said that though, I think Australian architecture is in an incredible phase right now, with some very diverse styles, but all reflecting that elegant simplicity which suits our lifestyle.

    2. A debate is always good! I am pleased you think there's some great architecture here. I think there's some fabulous architects but I tire of seeing a lot of very hard architecture without the soft edges. That's why I love Ken Crosson's coastal designs...he seems to push beyond the glass and concrete McMansions that are usually up for mortgagee auction once built. My grumpiness comes from a spate of multi million dollar boxes 'built to replicate the camp site we holidayed in as children'. Really? These are technology high indulgences where the only similarity to camping is that the three functions of the home - living, sleeping, utility - are housed in separate pavilions so you have to go outside to cross 'functions'. Maybe it's the ridiculous 'speak' that goes with this design that annoys me most. I am sure the clients are happy with the result, although may question it in the rain! Sorry, rant ended! Annie x.

  4. Amazing entrances are always fab - first impressions do last :) Hope your weekend was grand and full of funtime,

  5. Great colour and geometry in the first door. Very sophisticated and modern. I personally love the feel of a really heavy, solid timber front door, but they are not very common, because I suppose they are expensive. x

  6. agreed....I love the green gum and old gum finishes...k

  7. Oh, how I would LOVE to walk up to that door everyday. Stunning.


  8. The front door sets the tone for the whole house, doesn't it? It is a barrier but also a zone of transition. Some nice designs on your post!

  9. You are right, a stunning front entrance indeed. Striking and elegant.



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