May 11, 2012

Dresses made from Flowers, Fruit & Grains? Yep, it's a Floral Fashion Competition.

One of the most fun parts of 
the Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show 
is the Floral Fashion competition,
whereby students from RMIT,
who more usually study how to design garments from, well, you know,
weird things like fabric,
throw caution to the wind, embrace their imagination, 
and dress mannequins in luscious swathes of 
flowers, fruit & any plant matter they like.
This slim-fitting pencil skirt of garlic would be the perfect outfit 
to wear to a screening of Tim Burton's Dark Shadows, I fancy.
(I'm hoping to see this movie this weekend,
but I will obviously have to pop into the green grocers first.)
"Celebration" was this year's theme,
which is open to a fair bit of interpretation, it seems.
I love that this is actually part of their curriculum,
well outside what one would normally consider part of 
a Fashion Design degree.
So beautiful and so creative.
And just imagine how many bird friends one would have,
if one were to wear such glorious creations?

images :: taken by blue fruit at MIFGS 2012


  1. Amazing imagination and must have been so much work! x

    1. Yes indeed, it sure would. In fact, that brings back memories of my own student days...all night sessions gluing together architectural models that refused to set, even with a hair dryer. Eeks!

  2. Wow aren't they just so clever? What a fabulous event. Are the photos on a new camera Virginia, because they are really good? I anticipate looking very silly if this is the camera you're replacing!

    1. Oh - I could save myself a small fortune then Annie, because these were taken on my iphone. Hehe! I am so disgusted with my existing Canon camera that I didn't even take it with me on the day. (Largely because it uses batteries at a ridiculous rate, so it keeps leaving me high and dry.) But tomorrow is camera shopping day - so hopefully, with my new list of recommendations, I shall emerge with the new camera.

    2. Shame! If I were younger, I think it would be...'awkward'. Oh well, go the iPhone! Have fun camera shopping. Annie x.

  3. I would have spent the entire day looking and examining all these beautiful creations. I am so hugely impressed!!! Am so happy you shared with us, it's just fabulous.

    1. Well I actually spent so long doing exactly that, that my poor husband and son wandered off in search of coffee. Next time I should take you with me instead!

  4. Hello Virginia:
    These are absolutely incredible and such great fun. We have never come across anything like this before, and how imaginative and creative must be the designers who put these 'dresses' together.

    1. I suspect that this ability to "think outside the square" is part of the reason why the graduates of this university are so sought after in the fashion design world. It is certainly one of the most popular exhibits at MIFGS - and each year is quite different.

  5. Mel@Georgica Pond11/5/12 5:07 PM

    How extraordinary!

  6. Crazily wonderful, I'd like to throw garden party and have them dotted all around holding trays.

    1. Oh my goodness what a fabulous concept! Love, love, love that idea Tabitha. As long as they didn't come to life, that is. A bit Dr Who-ish. Or perhaps that would make it even better?

  7. Can you believe the talent?! The tenth image(which is shown in other images too), absolutely amazed at the!!

  8. WHHHAAAT - that's insanely amazing. LOVE number 3 picture - so intricate, Would love to have seen that!!
    Happy weekend Virginia


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