May 9, 2012

Delectable Duet :: Blue + Black

Perhaps it's a reaction to the colour blocking of the last few seasons,
(or possibly yesterday's very colourful chocolate-box house)
but the enduring classic combination of inky or pale blue with sultry black
always appeals to me with its quiet elegance.

Never in, nor out, of fashion.
Blue & black is truly a timeless delectable duet to me!

images :: girls with champagne illustration by inslee haynes //


  1. Wow. I just love those blue doors. Such a beautiful combination, especially in that first image. That bar is just amazing.

  2. My uniform...back shirt, blue jeans....or something like that....I'm really into navy blue right now...Love the 4th pic....k

  3. Well, you've sold me. I love the combinations here oh and I want to be one f those glam illustrations please!

  4. Yep. I have always loved this combination too. And to think when I was growing up it was a "no-no". It was only when I read a quote by Valentino giving it his approval that I went ahead with it.

  5. I absolutely adore your blog :) Full of inspiration. I will add you to my blogroll.
    Please feel free to hop across to my blog.

    Stuart x


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