May 3, 2012

A Black + White Cottage with a beautiful garden...

One of the most charming styles of homes,
forever loved, is the classic weatherboard cottage.
And while the decades have produced much debate
as to the merits of a single, central corridor
versus open planning,
it is a floor plan which has definitely come back into favour.
This delightful white weatherboard & cast iron lace home,
built in the 1890s,
illustrates why.
The beauty of these homes is that they are so adaptable
to our current whims of room uses.
What was once a bedroom at the front, 
can simply become a study, or a television room, or a library.

Because the rooms have a sense of enclosure,
they are much cosier than an open space.
I am finding that, increasing, my clients are asking for a series of
smaller rooms, rather than one large area. 
This home has the best of both worlds, though.
There are cosy rooms at the front, 
and an open space living area at the back, 
overlooking the beautiful garden.
 The garden was designed by Paul Bangay,
and shows his love of hedges, repeat planting and symmetry.
A simple cottage facade at the front, 
with a restful swimming pool out the back,
and in between, quietly tucked in, are some lovely spaces
which take advantage of the symmetrical floor plan.

Would you like to live here?

Property location :: 24 denbigh rd armadale melbourne
agents & images :: jellis craig


  1. Beautiful ! Love all the mirrored pieces here. So glamourous!

  2. Yes, yes! I love this style of home, it's my absolute favourite!
    Thanks for sharing. Have a great day Virginia x

  3. that diningroom!

  4. I would love to live here! It is a beautiful home!

  5. Yes and please! I would need to lose all that black and white but what a great layout - the kids' rooms upstairs is my favourite use of these villas - and I love anything Paul Bangay does. I think the tree in the back garden is magical, but then I'm not the pool boy! The front garden is so pretty and unassuming. In all, yes I'd be very happy there thank you. Annie x.

    1. Ah... trees and pools... the endless dilemma...they look fabulous, provide wonderful shade in summer...but then, the leaves, the leaves, the leaves. Personally, I am happy to deal with the leaves because trees are such wonderful creatures, and are worth making allowances for in my book.

  6. Hello Virginia:
    Yes, this house would definitely be a style that we should choose. Far more preferable and flexible, in our view, than houses with large open plan spaces. However, we should not care for the all white wall treatment in a period house such as this, particularly as it seemed to have retained a number of period architectural details.

    1. It's really interesting, your comment about the white and the period features. It is an issue which seems to divide opinions right in half - those who love the contemporary all white finish on period features and those who find it too stark. To me, in my professional capacity, there is simply no right or wrong, and I can see the merits of each. But importantly, the wonderful thing about domestic architecture is that it is very tailor-made to the occupant, so that each is happy. And what a dull world of buildings we would have if everybody preferred the same look!

  7. Beautiful space - loving the pool too - so tranquil!
    Happy weekend Virginia (we have a bank holiday tomorrow here - so we start weekending today:)

    1. What, already another holiday? How splendid!

  8. WOW, WOW, and WOW! Who would have thought that all of that space lay behind that quaint cottage exterior!?? This is one of the most 'Tardis' like reveals that I have ever seen - I had to check from the beginning (several times) that it was all the same house! I would SO live here - it's utterly fabulous. What a perfect space for a family - so glamorous and yet so comfortable and livable - there's something for everyone. I agree about the more intimate spaces too. I used to lust over 'open' plan in my youth - probably when life was all about constant partying - but I now really appreciate 'rooms' and the ability to withdraw. Really gorgeous inspiration. Thanks you SO much for visiting my blog, as it brought me to your fabulous one! I look forward to following and exploring more. Paula xxx

  9. What a gorgeous, gorgeous home. I too couldn't live with all of the b & w and would go with a bit more softness somehow (just for me!) but what an incredible space and that garden!

  10. Mel@Georgica POnd4/5/12 11:03 AM

    You had me at Paul Bangay! Love that tree in the backyard, as the centrepiece, looks brilliant and gives such an established feel to the back garden. Love the ensuite with the enclosed garden, and the kitchen is great. Not sure about so much black and white for me, so I would probably soften and add colour but the house is amazing.


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