May 28, 2012

Beach house with a tennis court & a French Vibe :: would you like to live here?

If playing the occasional game of lawn tennis,
between swims at the beach,
or cocktails on the deck,
sounds pretty rejuvenating, 
then ponder how much fun it would be to own this
beach house at Portsea.
 It's a rather nice part of the world, 
 about an hour or so from Melbourne on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula.

It was certainly designed with a set square in hand,
with all those rather neat angles. 
Which can be a challenge for furniture placement,
but it also creates a very eccentric atmosphere in a room,
which can be rather fun in a holiday home. 

The current owners obviously have a penchance for the French farmhouse style.

But it's the notion of a tennis court which sounds fabulous to me.

Just looking at it,
even if not actually playing on it,
would make one feel like life was a delicious long holiday.

Would you love to live here?
As your weekend beach house?

property location :: 45 martins lane portsea victoria


  1. Wow! What a place,
    and I love the kitchen
    and its open rack/shelves.

  2. I would love a tennis court and that one looks just about right. Even some seats left out to watch and never far to have the gin delivered! Perfect. Annie x.

    1. A girl after my own heart. Now where's that tray of G & T's got to, I wonder....

  3. I would love to live on the peninsula fullstop! I love French farmhouse kitchens, if only I wasn't so clumsy with knives and fingers!! x

  4. Not bad! French country style is not exactly for me but anyway the house is gorgeous and I would definitely love to live there!

  5. Interesting, the house is so modern and boxy, the decor seems so at odds with the architecture and the tennis court, I like the house but would keep it quite Palm Spring style inside.

    But I really love the kitchen!

    1. I'm with Tabitha. Clear the house out and let in all of that gorgeous light!

  6. Gorgeous looking house. I love the tennis court shot.


    Dark Blue Stripes

  7. Oh baby

    you had me at hello!

    You had to go and say those two words that turn me into a zombie and have me in your powers "beach house".

    Hope you are well and happy virginia - thank you for a beautiful post

    x Loulou

    1. Look deep into my eyes Loulou --- I am all powerful --- you will buy this beach house and then we can all come and visit you for beach house parties. There, you are released from my power now!

  8. Yes please. How do I get a booking? G.x

    1. It would be perfect for a holiday rental, wouldn't it?

  9. Ahh yes, a tennis court ... I love the touch of Boris you have added to this post Virginia. I met him a few years ago at a cafe in Wimbledon (where we live) ... and my eldest daughter told me to stop acting like a teenage girl! He was as charming as ever ... I can understand why women would sleep with him in restaurant broom closets!
    Hope you're having a good week ...

  10. Like you, I wouldn't even care if I played on the tennis court - just having it is amazing. How beautiful and practical is the plate rack in the it?!

  11. I'd move in there - just to have that guy dip me over the net. How romantic!

  12. It's beautiful, I'd definitely move in tomorrow, it's such a beautiful part of the world and the house...well, perfect! I'm actually looking for a new place now could work (ha ha), wouldn't it be nice?
    Boris Becker...what a champ! I love playing tennis and watching it - a great post Virginia, love!
    Have a fantastic day xx


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