May 12, 2012

Baking :: Espresso & Chocolate Cupcakes...

As a delectable duet, 
it doesn't get much better than coffee + chocolate.
And when we are talking espresso coffee + deep, dark velvety chocolate,
it really does taste like a match made in heaven.
These ridiculously easy-to-make indulgences
are moist and light,
the perfect accompaniment to a cup of espresso.

If you can find chocolate covered coffee beans, 
these would be perfect on top. 
I didn't have any in my pantry,
as they generally last all of 5 seconds if the teenagers find them,
so I just used whole roasted beans,
which may not be for everybody,
but they add a fabulous crunch with the sweet sugar.
Richly decadent,
and oh-so delicious.

images & recipe :: blue fruit


  1. OMG! Of course I'll try this, it looks delicious.
    The china is spectacular., too.
    Wish you a happy Mother's Day.

    1. Thank you Tereza! I do so love that china - totally outrageously gold.

  2. elegant yumminess!

    will put this on my bucket list.

  3. So tasty sounding -- love the china too!

  4. They look delicious - perfect for such a cold day. I am just about to start a batch of cupcakes so I might just give this recipe a go!


    1. I was reading your post about your Mother's Day afternoon tea this morning on my iPad and it sounded scrumptious. I didn't comment because the iPad drives me nuts with its spring loading - I'll pop back now to do that - but delighted that you found this post meanwhile.

  5. OK, I'm making them. Just beautiful, love the presentation, my friend.

  6. Yum, chocolate and coffee....perfection. So is the gold!

  7. Yikes! 6:54 AM and think that chocolate cake and espresso for breakfast is an excellent idea! (although it will probably be two-ish by the time it is ready - thank goodness) Chocolate covered coffee beans are a huge favourite of mine and on top of a cake? why didn't I think of that!

  8. I love the gold cups and saucers, pure luxury !

  9. These look delish - this is chic and a coffee on the side - perfect :)
    HAppy week to you Virginia,


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